Trigun World Fanart Contest? - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-11-02
There is a new poll out, pertinent to Trigun World itself. We want to know:
Do you want Trigun World to hold a monthly fanart contest?
There was one in the past, held by the last admin of Trigun World. Though it hasn't been supported in recent months, I thought we should restart it, to see how promising some new artists out there are. Do we have any takers? Post your choice below, in the new poll!
Trigun World is for the fans, so it's all up to YOU!!!

Addendum to the previous announcement - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-09-23
As you know, I am human, therefore prone to errors. Knives-sama would surely dispose of me had he found out about this website. *cringes*

Anyway, here are the following changes that I shouldn't have overlooked in the announcement beneath this one:
1. Volume 0 should read Volume 9
2. the word that;s should read that's
(Sorry, I'm picky about my grammar).
3. The word associated should read associates.
Thank you for your understanding, lest my mind fall apart from too many misspellings.
Trigun Maximum Update! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-09-23
Good morning (barely) all! 'Tis I, Bluesummers, with your Trigun Maximum Update! As you all know, the sixth book of the TriMax series, titled The Gunslinger, is now out. Our beloved Humanoid Typhoon is on the move again, helping little towns from small-time crooks, while his bladed brother is off to...research his own species? Whatever he's doing, it can't be for the good of humanity. XD
Expect Volume 7, Happy Days, on the Third of November, this winter. Volume 7 is the story of Vash and Knives' youth, revealing far more than episode 26 of the anime ever did, including a third "plant child"...Ah, the mystery ever unfolds!
Furthermore, Volume 8, Silent Ruin, will he on store shelves in early February 2006. Also, Volume 0, LR (yes, that;s the title), will be available in early May 2006. LR tells the tale of the Eye of Michael, Wolfwood's youth and the people he associated also gives a hint to his true age...I'll give you a hint: he's not even old enough to buy cigarettes (by American law, not Gunsmoke)!
Well, I'll let you all ponder that and bite your nails for the next few months, waiting for the next volume...Happy hunting!

The one and only,
New Poll! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-09-19
Good morning, everyone!
As I look outside the window of my dorm room, I realize that it is after 12 noon and I have missed a lecture! YES!
But! None of that matters, since there is a new poll for you to vote in! That's right, you decide who's the most evil, sadistic, or all-out bad-ass villain in Trigun Maximum!
My reasoning for using the manga insterad of the aniome is that so much moer happens in the manga that the anime doesn't show...Legato doesn't get squashed in the anime, and Dominique doesn't throw herself off a cliff...Ouch. >_<
Of course, it all depends on what you gimme your opinion! We all wanna know!!!

As always, your host, Bluesummers.

P.S.: Don't forget to vote in the NarutoWorld Polls as well! ^.^
Addendum to last post - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-08-16
Me again. ^_^;;

Has anyone any Trigun-related questions, you may post them on the trigun forums, Trigun FOrum. Other quesitons? email me.
Website and Trigun Maximum - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-08-14
Hello, all! I'm sooooooo vary sorry I wasn't here for a while...I had school...and work...and sleep... Well, Anyway, Trigun Maximum books 1 thru 6 are out and volume 7 will hit the shelves on November 2nd. In other news, since I;'m heading up to UConn to live for the next four years, I'll have more time to maintain the website! Oh, and don't forget to check out our parent site, Anime Chains! Has anyone questions, you can PM me on Anime Chains. Obviously, my username in Bluesummers. ^_^ Thank you all, and LOVE & PEACE!!!
Random Holiday Goodness! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-01-03
Happy Donut Day!
That's right, January 4th is officially Donut Day on TrigunWorld! Even the great Legato Bluesummers says "Donuts are yummy!"...Of course, Legato thinks everything's yummy...
In other news, TrigunWorld will soon have a great many more pictures in its gallery, along with several new wallpapers for download!
Website Related - Posted by Happy New Year! and episode submissions on 2005-01-01
Well, this is it! The ol' 2005! Good for us. In other News, I have gone through all pending episode summaries and spoilers and either accepted or rejected if yours is not on the list, it was rejected. Also, a note to all who wish to submit summaries and spoilers: Please, PLEASE check your spelling twice. If I think that the general public can't read your spoiler or summary, it will be rejected. Thank you, and LOVE AND PEACE!!! --Bluesummers
Website Related Announcement - Posted by Bluesummers on 2004-12-31
Hello all, my name is Bluesummers, and I'll be taking over management of I'll be reworking the fanfiction section of the site, putting more images in the gallery, some mp3s in the Downloads section, etc. If you have questions, please feel free to email me at --Bluesummers
Public Announcement - Posted by Bluesummers on 2004-12-31
Trigun Maximum is out in english, with volumes 1 thru 3 out, courtesy of Dark Horse publishing. Further volumes will be published, at about 1 every other month. Also, Trigun Maximum #10 will be out soon in Japan. Translations to all books not yet available in english will be posted soon on the site, so that everyone can get a heads'up on the future of the Trigun manga, which splits off from the anime's storyline early on.
News Announcement - Posted by Webmaster on 2004-06-10
Trigun Maximum?

-"Dark Horse has announced that it will release Trigun Maximum, the continuation of Yasuhiro Nightow's Trigun, on May 19th"

-Is the above news a rumor or actual headline news. We heard it from Anime News Network. Chat about what you think in the Trigun Fan Forum.

Public Announcement - Posted by Webmaster on 2004-06-10
New Polls!
  • Check out the new polls! XD
  • The episode numbering have been corrected. Thanks for the reminder, jayme jacobson!
  • We are in need of more wallpapers, if you've got the technique, send your works to ^_~
- Posted by Shippo on 2012-04-03
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