Voice Actor (Japanese)Onosaka Masaya
Voice Actor (English)Johnny Yong Bosch
RolesMain Cast
WeaponSilver .45 Long Colt Revolver; Angel Arm (right arm); Hidden Gun (left arm)
Memorable Quote"This world is made out of Love & Peace!"
DescriptionVash is not your typical hero character. He\'s kind and would do anything to avoid injuries and blood in a fight. Vash lives with a "love & peace" attitude toward the world. Unfortunately, due to large amount of bounty money on his head and his bad reputation, the people around him often misinterprets the poor guy as a scary killer, one that has destroyed thousands of lives.

Vash is not a human being, he\'s a "plant". The word "plant" in this anime has the meaning of a creature of something greater than a regular "human being". Knowing this himself, Vash continues to live on as a regular human, he feels he\'s no different from any other live being on the planet and tries to help out other people in anyway he can.

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