NameGrey the Ninelives
DescriptionGrey the Ninelives appears in episode 21, Out of Time. He goes to Sky City with his fellow Gung-Ho-Gun, Hopperd the Gantlet, to destroy two of the four plants to bring the huge ship down. While Vash takes on Hopperd the Gantlet, Wolfwood takes on Grey the Ninelives. Grey the Ninelives can fire weapons out of almost anywhere on his body, like his fingers and his chest. Wolfwood fires at Grey the Ninelives, but his rockets and guns seem no match for Grey, but after acid spills all over Grey, his outer shell disintegrates and leaves him vulnerable for an attack. Wolfwood shoots a rocket at him and completly wipes out his upper body, leaving two legs. Sadly, Grey the Ninelives still moves, shoots a rocket out of his knee, and takes out the first plant.

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