Voice Actor (Japanese)Tsuru Hiromi
Voice Actor (English)Dorothy Melendrez
RolesMain Cast
WeaponA set of 50 American Derringers
Memorable Quote"If necessary, we\'ll follow him to the ends of the earth! It\'s not only our job, it\'s become our mission to track him down!"
DescriptionMeryl Stryfe works for an insurance company. Her main task is to follow Vash around, keeps him under 24 hr survillance and make sure he doesn\'t destroy anything that the insurance company needs to pay for.

In the end, it\'s rumored that Meryl may have fallen in love with Vash, but her behaviors can also be interpreted as simple sympathy for a nice guy.

Meryl carries 50 American Derringers in her giant jacket. Although she looks pretty and innocent on the outside, she\'s one tough fighter that you don\'t want to mess with.

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