Voice Actor (Japanese)Yukino Satsuki
Voice Actor (English)Lia Sargent
RolesMain Cast
WeaponHuge Stungun
Memorable Quote"You should never get between people and their pudding!"
DescriptionMilly Thompson travels with Meryl, together, they form the insurance company party that follows Vash through out the series. Milly carries a huge Stungun and is incredibly strong.

While on her exciting trip with Vash, she often writes back home. Her family has 10 children, with her being the youngest of them all.

By the end of the series, Milly and Wolfwood developed a closer than simple friendship relationship. Unfortunately, one that didn\'t have a "happy ever after" ending.

Milly\'s favorite food is pudding, she bought dozens of cans in one of the episode through Wolfwood\'s help.

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