Voice Actor (Japanese)Hayami Sho
Voice Actor (English)Jeremy Nemoy
RolesMain Cast
WeaponCross Punisher
Memorable Quote"No, no. I can\'t do that! What am I thinking? I\'m a man of God for God\'s sakes!"
DescriptionThe so called priest who carries a cross filled with automatic machines guns, Wolfwood is one of the most impressive characters in Trigun. He had a tough childhood, so he cares for littles kids very much. Wolfwood became good friends with Vash, through the friendship, he learnt no one has the right to take away another person\'s life.

If this guy doesn?t make a big impression on you in the beginning of the series, he will in the end, just stay tuned in the series or browse through the *Spoilers* section for more info.

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