Episode 1 - The $$60,000,000,000 Man Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 1 - The $$60,000,000,000 Man. Written by INUYASHALOVER
This is the first ep. of trigun, and I like it. Vash is a.... well, he.... um, a h#ll of a lot of ppl r trying to kill him so that they can get the sixty billion double dollar bounty that it on his head. (Oh, Spike, Jet, Faye, Edd and Iyn!hehehe) Anyway, everyone is trying to get him, & so his life ROX!!In this ep., someone catches Vash, a man w/ a green mohawk and a red shirt. They tie him up, but he gets loose. Then, these two girls, Milly & Meryl, that work 4 an insurance company, they r trying 2 find Vash so they can keep him under 24-hr survailance, so he can\'t do anymore damage than he already has.(YEAH, RIGHT!!)So then, this other guy thinks that the guy w/ the green mohawk is Vash, so they get into a fight. They end up teaming up 2 catch the real Vash, & w/ a," Dangerous toys r fun but u could get hurt!" From Vash, the entire ep. ends w/ utter choas and Vash escaping, w/ Milly and Meryl on his tail. THE END!!

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Episode Summary for Episode 1 - The $$60,000,000,000 Man. Written by TrigunYoukai101
In this episode of Trigun? 3 of the main Characters are introduced?Meryl Strife, Milly Thompson and of course Vash the Stampede. (aka the humanoid typhoon) Here is the summary in a nutshell?

Scene One ~Vash is in a bar looking all cool and calm... ~Men in the bar are talking about him... not knowing that he\'s listening in... ~Out of nowhere a giant boomarang cuts the bar in two and a sign flys up and lands hard into the ground. ~ In the midst of the dust and rubble flying everywhere, men that surrounded the front side of the bar start shooting inside, what reason? Rumors of the Humanoid Typhoon. ~As soon as the dust starts to part, the men all stop shooting and a monsterous man, named Descrates, grabbs hold of the giant metal boomarang that he threw. ~There\'s a long pause... then from behind the sign that fell, Vash the Stampede puts down a drink calmly and stands up. He draws his gun smoothly and points it at the men. Scene Two ~Milly and Meryl are in a bar sipping on a sundae and tea when they ask the bartender about who Vash the Stampede is. (The reason they are looking for him is because they work for an insurance company ad they need to keep him under 24 hour survalence because of all the things that get blown up around him) ~The bartender tells them that Vash is a tall man with short legs, a mohawk, and a huge metal weapon. Scene Three ~Vash is under the sand with a straw in his mouth to breathe when he grabs one of Descates\' henchmen and knocks him out. ~Flashback Moment: After pointing the gun at the men, (in scene one) Vash pulls the triger on the gun to find that there was no bullets. He runs away like a maniac dodging lotsa lotsa bullets. ~End Flashback ~After this, Vash has a little happy and polite converstion with the guy he knocked out, (even though the man had a gun pointed to his back) ~They\'re caught by Descrates and the henchman is severally wounded. ~Then Vash is caught and tied up. Scene Four ~Milly and Meryl are riding (I think they\'re called Jordans... can\'t remember) out into the dessert where Vash is rumored to be. **they still think that Vash looks like the description of Descrates... just so you know** ~Then they meet up with Descrates and his henchmen with Vash the real Vash tied up and against a stone. ~They offer Descrates a box of doughnuts but he\'s stunned (but doesn\'t say anything) that they think he\'s the legendary gunslinger. ~Then a bounty hunter named Ruth appears on the scene and all hell breaks loose. **Ruth thinks Descrates is Vash, Milly and Meryl think Descrates is Vash, Descrates is having his doubts about the real Vash and thinks its Ruth...yada yada yada...** ~Then M&M are riding away and Vash is running along side them with the box of doughnuts they brought. Meryl gives Vash $$10 to go warn the town about Descrates (who they STILL think is Vash) ~Then M&M go back to try and negotiate with Descrates (still thinking that he\'s Vash the two stupids) to come and find that Ruth and Descrates are talking calmly together. They agree that they were both mistaken and knew the real Vash was the real Vash. ~They tie up Milly and Meryl and it looks like Descrates is about to rape them, when a stray bullet hits the ropes and cuts them down. They see that it\'s the real Vash and he\'s come to help them. ~Then Descrates and Ruth have Vash cornered tthe peak of a huge cliff. ~Descrates throws his boomarang and Vash dodges and jams something on D\'s side. ~ Then Vash turns to look at Ruth and tries to warn him but alas... he\'s hit with the stray boomarang. ~Then a bomb goes off and the cliff begins to fall. No one is killed... just injured. Scene Five ~Meryl is typing on a typewriter about what happened and she is forced to pay all the insurance bills. (the town was crushed but Vash had already warned them)

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