Episode 10 - Quick Draw Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 10 - Quick Draw. Written by TrIgUnEr_NeO
Very cool episode! Anyway, Vash is in Mei City (where Murder Machine left off) playing with some kids. The he meets Neil (who is one of my favorite characters) and goes to his mom\'s restraunt to eat. Guess who he meets, WOLFWOOD! Turns out that Neil\'s dad left the family, leaving his debt behind and the money needed to be paid. Wolfwood entered Vash in a \'Quick Draw\' contest (hense the name of the episode) to earn money for the family, the prize being $$50 thousand. The night before the the contest Wolfwood and Vash get hammered (and Milly gets dirty, well you\'d know if you saw it). Vash manages to get through the warmup rounds and then unveils to Wolfwood that...HE ENTERED HIM IN THE CONTEST TOO! So anywho, they both make it through all the combat rounds and (coincidence, eh?) end up facing each other! The man organizing the contect talked to out boy Nick and convinced him to eliminate Vash and split the reward money with him (because Neil and his mom were being held with a gun to their heads. Hense we use the ketchup trick again! Vash and Wolfwood APPEAR to be dead, but it was just that ketchup trick! Just as they are about to be nailed by henchmen, Vash and Wolfwood come to live and we get to see what that THING is that Wolfwood\'s always caryying around (a cross filled with pistols)! Wolfwood shoots all the henchmen, none die, and the prize money is...well you never really know what happen with it because Neil\'s dad comes back at the end! Then again we do get to see Wolfwood say "Much Obliged" which is good, too!

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Episode Summary for Episode 10 - Quick Draw. Written by KrystalTokyo
Well, the episode is kinda slow until Vash meets Wolfwood unexpectantly while going out for a bite to eat. It turns out that Wolfwood wants Vash to sign up for a Quick Draw contest in order to help a family in need that is in a lot of debt. Vash consents, and the next day.. Vash does exactly waht he\'s supposed to do: Kick butt! However, Vash secretly signed up Wolfwood too! In the end stages, there is a battle between the two of them, they are the only contestants who didn\'t get shot in the showdown part. Earlier, the mayor, and judge of the contest told Wolfwood to look in the window. There, the family that Vash and Wolfwood were going to help, stood at gunpoint. The deal was supposed to be to kill Vash and Wolfwood would get $$30,000,000,000 of the prize money, he was going to take the deal. The two of them act like they are gonna kill each other.. until they both shoot each other at the same time! Of course, they are only acting, but some more of the town men are going to shoot both dead anyways. This is the first time we get to see Wolfwood use his CrossPunisher.. No one is killed, and the family gets some money to pay off their debts.

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Episode Summary for Episode 10 - Quick Draw. Written by Andrew Branch
This episde is basicly about vash and wolfwood entering a quick draw contest to win money for a child and his mother to pay off debts also in the episode we get to see Vash vs. Wolfwood(actually they were faking the fight but itz still pretty action packed)

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