Episode 11 - Escape From Pain Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 11 - Escape From Pain. Written by Rick001
Starts with Wolfwood and Millie who run into this girl whose running for some reason. Wolfwood and Millie helps her escape while Meryle and Vash wait for them they are approached by the leader of a supply caravan. Millie and Wolfwood take the girl to the desert where she meets up with her boyfriend the Caravan leaders son who says he will stop the caravan. He and Wolfwood argue while Millie tries to keep the peace but Wolfwood walks off. Back in town Vash is asked to kill the son for the good of the caravan, it looks like he accepts as he and Meryle go to find him Meryle is upset and asks why but he never says. In the desert The Son and girlfriend with Millie run across some men from the caravan sent to find him. The beat up Millie and the Girlfriend the son almost agree\'s but Wolfwood comes in and kicks ass. More caravan men show up and looks like a showdown. Vash shows up and shoots the Son and his girlfriend. The men freak and run off screaming "It\'s VASH THE STAMPEDE!" Millie is upset and slaps Vash, Wolfwood punches Vash in the face and takes his gun. He finds rubber bullets and the kids are in fact ok. They run off and Wolfwood leaves to saying the desert is safer than Vash. Millie waves goodbye.

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