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Episode Summary for Episode 12 - Diablo. Written by
Vash is in some small town, as usual, and he, Milly, and Meryl are somehow found together in the town again. Milly's glad to see Vash back to his normal self, and secretly so is Meryl. Vash buys enough ice cream for six, including one little girl who is excluded from the main group playing with a ball. Meryl offers the girl the ice cream, but she runs away briefly. As Vash, Milly, and the others return to playing with the ball, we see the first of Legato Bluesummers, who talks to Vash telepathically. He quickly picks up on how strong Vash's "weakness" for humans is when he quickly squeezes and releases the head of that same excluded girl who giddily skips away with Legato's gift of a hot dog. Milly notices Vash's serious face at this moment but says nothing. Somehow, Vash is framed and placed in jail. He stays there-despite the two nice ladies' statements that he was innocent-until a gunman by the name of Monev comes along and virtually breaks down the jail and tries to kill Vash. I won't tell anymore because this is one of my favorite episodes, though one of the saddest and anyone who has to read this summary should watch the episode for themselves, for it is truly one of the better episodes of this awesome series.

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Episode Summary for Episode 12 - Diablo. Written by Ggultra2764
Vash meets up with Legato Bluesummers, a man with an eating addiction per every episode he appears in and a telepath. He warns Vash that his death is coming soon. As he questions Legato\'s threat, the shoe maker in town is killed by an unknown assailant which gets Vash framed for the crime and put in jail. As Milly and Meryl meet with him with a slight look at Vash\'s eyes glowing blue, Monev the Gale, the first of the Gung Ho Guns, attacks the jail in an attempt to kill Vash. Vash manages to free himself from jail and attempts to take his battle out of town by scaring the citizens of the town indoors while being chased. When Monev realizes this, he goes on a shooting rampage killing off most of the citizens in the town assuming he killed Vash in his rampage. However, an enraged Vash appears standing and unscathed. Monev grows scared of Vash as his glowing blue eyes resembled the Diablo (devil.) Monev flees and attempts to make a sneak attack on Vash who he thinks will be using the safe door of a bank as a shield. Instead, Vash uses the door to wreck Monev\'s weaponery. Vash fires the last of his pistol shots to hack open Monev\'s face armor. Monev assumes that Vash has no more gunpower, but Vash fires a shot from a gun hidden in his arm. As Monev falls to the ground, Vash points his gun at Monev\'s head as he seems determined to kill Monev for all the people he killed. He begs Vash to spare his life as Vash questions why he should spare Monev. Vash then has a flashback of Rem as she reminds Vash that all people don\'t deserve to lose their lives. Vash releases the gun from Monev\'s head and proclaims that if he had killed Monev, then he would have lost Rem forever.

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Episode Summary for Episode 12 - Diablo. Written by Kay
Bluesummers comes to this place were Diablo has been kept for 20 years. He says to Diablo that he wants him to kill Vash. Diablo is excited for a new challange. Vash is playing with some kids when Bluesummers comes and sits on a bench. Vash and him are talking to eachother. Vash gets throun in Jail. Then Diablo comes wile Milly and Meryl are talking to him. He shouts, " GET DOWN!" Diablo comes crashing through the jail. Vash is chained up. Meryl tries saving Vash But Diablo knocks her down, throwing her off corse and the bulit hits the chains freeing Vash. Then they realy get into the fight. Diablo fires and every time misses Vash and hits the bildings. Vash looks back and sees every body dead. That trigers the Angel Arm. Vash Fires and hits Diablo in his face sheild. It blows off in peaces, but diablo is not harmed but shocked and afraid. Vach takes the Angel Arm and puts it up to Diablo\'s face and was about to pull the triger when he rememmbers Rem, and how she tought him not to kill. He walks away and Meryl sayes, "waite, I\'m going with you." Vash yells at her saying "Stay away from me!", in an angrey voice.

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Episode Summary for Episode 12 - Diablo. Written by Max the Bounty Hunter
It starts with a dude in a tiny crowded room workin out and liftin weights and stuff. Then someone comes in and gives him a chance to kill Vash the Stampede. The guy lifting weights says hes been waiting all his life to kill vash and that he had been preparing for the moment. Sometime later Vash visits a shoemaker guy but i cant remember exactly why. Then outside Vash gets hit in the head with a dodgeball and plays with the kids. When he sits down by a fountain, a man sits on the other side (Legato Bluesummers) and messes with his head by telepathically talking to him. Then a little girl runs up to him laughing and he starts patting her head. Then he tricks Vash by making it look like he snapped her neck knowing it would make Vash flinch but the little girl was fine he didnt do anything to her. He remarks about how pathetic Vash was and that he would die that very night. Later the shoe maker was found dead and Vash was accused of murdering him, so he was locked in prison. Millie and Meryl came in to visit him and then Monev the Gale (the guy who was in the first scene who was liftin weights and dedicated his life to killing Vash) showed up in the jail and was about to shoot him but then Millie shot him with her stungun, buying enough time for them to run. Then after that Vash spent alot of time running from him and stopping every now and then to rescue bystanders. When Monev saw this, he stopped going after Vash and started destroying everything around them, including the women and children. Everyone...dead. They were innocent people...This filled Vash with a great rage. Unable to contain his anger and wrath, he finally showed his true form with his eyes glowing a bright blue. He had the eyes of the Diablo. Seeing Vash\'s change of attitude, Monev panicked and ran away. Millie and Meryl started to approach him but Vash commmanded them to stay back. Monev watched from a distance. Soon enough, Monev tried to catch Vash off guard and was at it again. Vash fired his last shots at his armor and helmet, leaving Monev\'s face exposed. At first Monev was delighted that he had finally run out of bullets, but then Vash exposed a hidden gun in his arm and pinned Monev to the ground keeping it aimed at his head. Monev begged for mercy and Vash yelled at him, and a strong temptation to kill this cold hearted person was overwhelming him. Vash asked for a good reason why he shouldnt kill him, after killing all of those innocent people. Vash was about to kill the begging Monev until he had a sudden flashback of Rem. After remembering her, Vash withdrew and spared Monev\'s life. If he had killed him, then Rem might die in Vash\'s heart and mind because he made a promise, and that was to never take the life of another.

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