Episode 13 - Vash the Stampede Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 13 - Vash the Stampede. Written by Maximilian the Bounty Hunter
This episode is basically a flashback of the previous Trigun episodes. It starts out with Meryl typing a report to the insurance company she works for and she\'s trying to recall what she and Millie had gone through since they started following Vash. She commented on how different he was than she originally thought of him. Every time she thought of something that was actually pretty cool that he did, like when he saved the women from the weird giant cyborg person and the senile old man controlling it, she then remembered what happend next. He made a complete fool of himself by shouting "Love and Peace!" over and over again making himself look like an idiot. This frustrated her because she couldn\'t figure him out and wondered why he was so dorky. She recalls events from other episodes but I can\'t really remember all of them right now. Basically the episode "Vash The Stampede" is a recap of the previous ones. It also tries to teach that writing to family and keeping in touch with them is important when Millie loses sleep because she stays up all night to write to her family.

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