Episode 14 - Little Arcadia Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 14 - Little Arcadia. Written by Kay
This one is mostly about Meryl. Milly wakes up and had a box of letters to her family. She stade up all night writing them a gain. Her and Meryl talk about family. And they here a gun fire. This old man and his wife semed to be attact by this guy but it was there son. Milly and Meryl come racing out and Milly shot the thing behind him and then Meryl shoots the bord that was holding a ruff up. The cuple ask them if they would be there body gard. Meryl rejected and they asked Vash. Meryl stud up and argued with him. Then she took the job. Vash went with them to there house. They had trees and grass growing on the property. They had a few other gards there. Then the son came and wanted to talk his parents. Milly and Meryl found out he was the son, and milly broke out in an angry rage and said you should never even think about killing your parents. Some people came and wanted them to sighn it over to them, cuz it is worth a lot of money. The gient thew a nother mashen that looked like a ball. They came out and fired some and then the man came out. And talked to them. He still refused to sell the land to them. The son gabed a letter that had to go to some other people. Got on his moterbike and was heading to the company that they were sining the land over to. The gint thew one of those big balls at him. Meryl shot at it trying to throw it off course, and at the same time Vash shot at it and he was the one that did that. He was hidding in a trash can. They got scared. I guess they walked away. At the company, the son gave them the letter and there was another peace to it. Part of it was sined to him. He was about to cry. The next scen is Milly and Meryl Trying to hurry to get on the bus Vash was on before it left. Meryl Mailed a letter to her family before she got on.

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