Episode 15 - Demons Eye Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Demons Eye. Written by Kay
Vash is carying Milly and Meryl across the desert with what was left of the car that Vash wrecked. Lagato Bluesummers Was eating a bar when this gang came in. One of the women was staring at Lagato. The leader of the gang saw that and beat her because of it. Lagato was talking about what the girls had left behind them. The leader acts like a tough guy.Lagato kills him and every one of the gang that was in the bar.Lagato goes to the highest point of the city. The rest of the gang comes. The gun ho guns kills half of them. Vash, Meryl, and Milly come to the city. Vash looks for something to drink after that long walk, he goes into the bar and finds alot of poeple lying dead and blood all over. He goes around trying to get someone to say what happend. He sees Lagato. He runs up to him. In his place was the 2nd gun ho guns. She would Vanish, than apear beside Vash. He figured out that her eye piece was controling the Vanish act. And sensed the 5 senses. He consentrated on pain, then when she was right next to Vash, he took out the angel arm and shot the eye piece. Milly and Meryl came and thought Vash did something to harm her. They asked her if she was alright. Then Meryl slapped Vash in the face. She walks away. They ask him why he was acting so wierd. He says they can\'t come with him any more, it is a matter of life and death. They were going to say something then Vash says, No! Stay back, and walks away.

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