Episode 16 - Fifth Moon Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 16 - Fifth Moon. Written by coolmonk2
at first vash travels everywhere looking for legato.then he goes to a quiet town and sees monev the gal(1st gung-ho-gun) and dominique the cyclops(2nd gung-ho-gung) dead being hanged on a wall. vash sees them and needles are coming to him but he dodges. later e.g.mine comes and said he killed monev and dominique cuz they failed to kill vash. so later eg mine shoots spikes at vash but he moves quickley near eg mine and shoots his spiked shells.eg mine doesnt see it though. now rai-dei comes and kills eg mine and says its my turn. now its vash vs rai-dei. and vash gets ticked off and accidently uses his angel arm and shoots it at the moon making a hole and destroys the whole city. now rai-dei sees wolfwood and askes him to help rai-dei and defeat vash but wolfwood just shoots rai-dei and says your finished. and that all.

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