Episode 17 - Rem Saverem Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 17 - Rem Saverem. Written by Raz
Alright, this Episode is an explanation of what made Knives snap and how exactlly Rem dies. Vash got many things from Rem ,which is explained in this episode, such as his style of hair. Knives also learned things as well but not for the better. Knives was abused by a human, and there for hates them. Makes sence right? Ri-ight. Vash always saw the frilly side of things, but Knives got the hell beat out of him as a child. It tends to stick. The crew is celebrating the possiable findings of an inhabitable planet and Steve (The Drunken Jackass he is) Gropes one of the women. The one guy with glasses has the hots for said chicky girl. Steve at every turn tries his best to bring both the boys down, mentally and physically. After to much is pressed on him, Knives snaps. It was him that suggested that the girl with glasses lie and say Steve raped her. The man with the hots for said girl of course fixes the Chrono freeze chamber so Steve never wakes up again. The girl has second thoughts as soon as she hears this and as he offers her the ring. Gunshots ring and Rem runs in to find the man emptying a endless clip into her body, rambling about thier plans and what not. At the sight of Knives and Vash the Man sets his sights between Knives eyes. Rem jumps infront of him and trys to talk the man down. The capitan is watching all this from the controll room and decided enough is enough, it's too dangerouse. So he flips the switch spilling the man and the dead girl into the depths of space. Rem is crying with Vash to comfort her while Knives goes off to kill the capitan as HE had second thoughts about pressing his nice little red button. "You're just human afterall..." Bam, Capitans dead and Knives sets the controlls to crash onto an uncharted planet. Next thing we know everyones heading for the escape pods, Vash and Knives included. Rem shoves Vash into a pod and tells him to take care of Knives after asking "Alex, give me your strength..." Rem dashes off and Vash and Knives zoom out of the S.E.E.D.S ship healthy and alive. Rem stays behind the override the system, Knives had set the program so that all the ships carrying humans would crash and only the plants would survive. Knives is stunnded as the intercom blasts that a Master Override has outdone his little program from the Mother ships Head computer. He laughs while Vash lies on the floor of the pod crying having watched the mother ship explode. "Damn ,she got me." Then we come to Vash standing there with his gun drawn in the harsh light of the Twin suns. "I'll take care or Knives Rem, I promise."

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Episode Summary for Episode 17 - Rem Saverem. Written by Kassi Jackson
we are set back in a time 100 years or so ago. We see a ship that says "seeds".Then we hear 5..4..3..2..1.. whoo hoo! we made it! & a crap load of fire crackers go off. The we see a crew that in my opinion looks like a pop band. every one is celibrating & we see two boys in the front. One is staring at this plant like he's zoned out & the other one has his head ducked over. He pops up with a mustache & some popper things & sets them off minorly setting off the boy next to him which you will find out that thats his brother Million Knives. one guy with some jelly roll hair do is leaned over two women. He gropes the one with glasses & she blushes & says "stop it steve your being a pig". Next we see one of those long haired boys which is named Vash in a room that looks empty. This women with blackish-blue hair askes him what he's doing. He tells her & she goes on this lecture about the ships name "seeds". Knives bust in & askes them both are they coming to the recreaction room, & they go. Then when they are in the rec room the blackish-blue haired women known as Rem sings a song & Vash askes what that song is & Rem tells him. Knives askes Rem if the rec room remindes her of her old world & Rem says yes & mentions the one word that we all hate polluted. Now we are in a control room & steve is awake. The retard in blue tells steve that Vash & Knives did his job for him. Steve gets mad & calls them monsters & that they abnormally grow the size of teens in less then a year & every one tells him to take a chill pill & relax. That moment we see steve beating on Knives on two different occations. Then Knives find Vash in a room cring because that drunk son of B..gun steve said that he wasn't human. That's when we are in the rec room again & we see Rem tring to cut Vash's hair & knives is waiting under a tree for his turn when Rem gets the idea for spiking Vash's hair & when Rem turns to tell Knives it's his turn his vanished. Vash finds him only to see that Knives cut his own hair differently. If you ask me I think Knives drank some dr.pepper you know that commercial "be you". Any way Knives & Vash go to dinner & every one compliments Knives good hair cut & they joke with Vash & says his hair cut makes him look like a momma's boy. Then that dork wade Steve askes every one "how can you sit at the same table as those monsters?" & then goes off in this drunked manner of laughing. Finally Knives askes Steve "Is that any way to act in front of innocent childern?" Steve begins to laugh like a fool & we end of on seeing Knives drinking his "gin & juice". Then women with the glasses starts talking about how Vash & Knives are boring & then Knives appears at her door. Then we are at the "peoples court" when we see that Steve is in a tube. It's a bunch of rawled up contraversy & then the women with glasses telles everyone that she was raped by Steve & steve gets put in isolation(hahahahahahaha). the guy with glasses told the girl with glasses that he killed steve & then tells her to marry him. She get's shot for saying no I guess. Vash,Rem,Knives run to see that that nut job with four eyes killed that women. As if she didn't feel like trash cause her verginity was gone she died for not saying yes to the nut job. but now the guy's lost his lid he is tring to shot Knives the crazy one of the ship. Rem protects him & Vash while this stupid head is tring to now shoot Rem. This dude with a mustache gets tired of the suspence & lets the nut job out of one of the emergency door. Soon Knives goes to this guy & tells him that he made the right choice. Remember when I said Knives was the crazy one on the ship? this is what I mean!!! This crazy boy shot this guy in the head told him that his choice was the right one & set the self destruction mode on. Is he crazy or retarded? When the are on their way to the escape ship Rem decides to tell Vasah & Knives to just go to the plant & she tells Vash this one thing "take care of Knives" & she vanishes. Knives is laughing & tells Vash that he was the "bad apple" of the bunch. After a fight Knives tells vash the ships caring the humans will crash. After that being said the pods on the "seeds" changed course & saftly would land. Vash is still cring for the beating & the loss of Rem, while Knives is still stund that Rem saved the little pod people. Then we see vash preasewntly & he says "I'll take care of Knives".

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Episode Summary for Episode 17 - Rem Saverem. Written by Rem
At the begging of the eps the whole crew was partying because they found a possabally new home to live on so later in the eps Vash and Rem were talking about project SEEDS witch is people that are frozen to wake up when they land on the new planet that will be the new earth because we distroyed our plannet now so vash is in love with rem and she believes that "no one has the right to take a life of another" "love and peace" she is a very kind hearted and beleaves that there is good in everyone there is also other people on the ship who are not asleep the captan Joey another girl two other guys well both of the other guys like the girl Mary but one of the guys forces to do it with her (steve) and then the captan orders the other guy to freeze him like the others well (Knives is learning how to kill and the oppsite of what rem is teaching and he plans to kill all the crew but rem because Vash is attached to her and loves her) and then the Joey thinks that the guy who froze steve is going to kill rem and makes him and the girl mary (who is already dead because the guy who froze the man made it so that steve would never wake up and said that he loved her and he wanted to marry her and she said no so he killed (being controled kinda by Knives) so he killed her) and then her body and the man who froze fell out of the ship so all that is left is the captan and rem and vash and knives are left while vash is cofermenting rem about all the deaths knives kills joey and re-alters the ships cordnets to crash on the plannet (all the ships that are holding the humans) and then the alarm goes off and telling them to go to the ecape pods leaving joey dead on the ship while at the ecape pods Vash and Knives are in the pod and Rem starts thinking about joey (knives said that he said to leave without him) and she tells Vash "Vash take care of knives" and "Everything will be alright vash" she was crying and so was vash he loved her and she got it to where the ships carring the humans and the generator would not crash and then the ship she and (dead) joey were on crashed and burned so she died and then knives told vash that he did it and this is why vash hates knives

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Episode Summary for Episode 17 - Rem Saverem. Written by iruka nijj sora
this is about rem`vash and knives it starts out whith vash as a kid knives as a kid rem was not a kid tho oh well i dont know much about this eps but all i know is that it is whare during one paert rem and this guy wear talking and the guy sed that the kids vash and knives wear demons and rem ask whay he thinks that and he says that thay have grown to fast thin she says that it is not true at all he says what ever thin later on in the eps rem is cuting vash`s hair and thin she says some thing about that looks better and vash says that he loves rem very much and allways will thin rem juz smiles at him and knives got mad ant cut his own hair and thin later thay are in one room and thay told knives that his hair looks good and he says thank you and this one guy says why are you all talking to thim? and he says thare are demons and thin later knives kills this one guy and rem puts vash and knives in a ship and tells vash to take care of knives for her and thin thay wear talk and vash ssays you killd thim who could you kill like that and thin knives says i wantted to and thay got in a fight and thin 107 years later vash is grown up and he says he will aving you rem.

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Episode Summary for Episode 17 - Rem Saverem. Written by R
This episode is completly a flashback that explains why vash hates Knives, and who Rem is, and why Knives is evil and stuff. It\'s really a great episode and all and I love it!!! By the way in this episode Knives is SOOOO cute (dispite the fact that he is evil)

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Episode Summary for Episode 17 - Rem Saverem. Written by Nicki
The episode showed about Rem\'s thoughts on life and how she loved it. Also that she loved red flowers and that it meant strength and something else. another scean I remember jumps to the near end and knives kills the captain and makes the ships prepare to crash in to the planet. Rem takes the boys to the escape pods and puts the boys in. She then closes the door as she says goodbye to Vash and tells him to take care of his brother. It is the first time she lightly crys in the episode. Vash and Knives set off as Vash crys and Knives says that the others are worthless anyways. Vash then figures out that Knives set the ships to crash w/ Rem in them and starts to fight w/ Knives. K wins and V is left to cry. While they fight, Rem changes the course of the ships back and saves all the ships but hers and she dies in a explosion of the ship. The show ends as the grown up Vash looks out onto the sand and says that he will take care of Knives, so that he won\'t hurt another life again.

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Episode Summary for Episode 17 - Rem Saverem. Written by Tsumi
This episode actually goes back in time and explains project SEEDS and Rem Saverem, who was a guardian for Vash and Knives.

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Episode Summary for Episode 17 - Rem Saverem. Written by yokove
this epesode basicaly explains why vash hates knives. it also tell you more about rem. she has been seen in other epesodes, and in this epesode, you see her relationship with vash. it also tell what happened to her. i\'m not wrighting much in case some1 reading this hasn\'t seen this epesode yet.

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