Episode 19 - Hang Fire Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Hang Fire. Written by Houseki
the summary above basically describes it all. Meryl is in the office and falls asleep. peeps come and talk to her and they say some boring stuff i didn\'t pay attention to. then Milly and Meryl get shipped off after Vash again. Vash and Wolfwood are in a truck and they\'re fightin about where to go when they finally end up in New Oregon, they go and get some spagetti and Wolfwood tells Vash about how a young girl that was distantly related to some feuding families was killed and suddenly the cat appears on the spagetti and Vash is gone. Vash goes to visit an old friend and they talk about stuff. Meryl and Milly are on one of those sand ships and it gets highjacked and crashed into a radio building. the peeps on it threaten to kill a dude and Wolfwood and Vash end up there too. Vash goes inside to stop everyone and when he gets to the hallway leading to where the people are, he sings an AWESOME song. "Total slaughter. Total slaughter. I won\'t leave a single man alive. La dee da die. Jeto sai. La dee da dud. An ocean of blood. Let\'s begin the killing times." The dudes don\'t freak out so Vash rushes in and knocks them all out with the butt of his gun. Then he begs with the guy who turns out to be the girl who was murdered\'s father, not to kill the guy that killed his daughter. the whole town hears it on the loud speaker and finally, the guy lets the dude go. At the end, Vash is like covered in bruises cuz the guy tried to hit him to get him to let go of the gun. Meryl comes and sits beside him and it ends.

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Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Hang Fire. Written by Friggin Aleesa
This episode starts with some red explosion. Meryl\'s friend at work then tells her to stop daydreaming or somethin and people join her. Her boss tells them this isnt talking time or somethin and calls meryl about a mission to find vash. She then tells millie, who is on punishment for being late for work. The next scene is where vash and nicholas are face down on the ground. A guy picks them up. then they fite over a water bottle and start screaming. the driver then tells them 2 shut up or they\'ll be kicked off. Next scene is millie and meryl asking people if they saw vash. One man explains that he saw him next to a garbage can. He also said hez been eating donuts. Millie then tells meryl that vash is heading towards New oregon. The next scene is nicholas and vash eating spaghetti. Vash walks off and nicholas is left with the check. Vash then visits his old friends work. They see each other and he shows vash the places. Nicholas tries to find Vash and results to getting slapped by a woman. Meryl and Millie or in their jammies and brushing teeth on a ship they thought was quiet. But its not. After meryl mentions quiet gunmen come in. Vash is being showed around when to people come after him. Vash\'s friend mentions hez vash the stampede for a very good reason. Vash puts a gun behind his back just to do it. The 2 people mistaken him and think hez gonna shoot them so they run. Millie and meryl are held hostage. But meryl uses her feet and they get away. This next scene is a guy in a mustashe and a lot of cowboys. One guy is keeping a guy hostage. The 2 men who were scared go 2 them and say vash is here. The guy in the mustashe says theres nuthin to worry bout. Vash is in a dark tunnel that echoes and he sings a really cool scary song with bad lyrics. One guy gets scared and accidentally turns on the speaker without even knowing it. Every1 hears and nicholas outside with a lot of people look at the building in a wierd way while eating noodles. Vash comes and doesnt shoot them, but kicks and punches them. The guy holding a guy hostage is now looked at by Vash. He says that he will die for killing his daughter. Vash tells him to stop and a whole catastrophe goes on. Nicholas, bein his usual self, smokes a cigarette. Vash gets punched but doesnt give up. He tells him dont shoot him and sooner or later, the gunman cries and says, "I CANT SHOOT HIM!" Everything is over. Nicholas and Vash are on a cliff in the next scene, lookin at the city. Meryl joins vash and nicholas leaves. Millie also leaves knowing Meryl\'s crush on vash. Meryl lets Vash borrow his hankerchief. They talk. Now this next scene is totally wierd. It seems a puppetman gets a suitcase and gets the man with the mustashe in it. He breaks up into pieces. In this scene, we now know that he was a puppet controlled by legato.

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