Episode 2 - Truth of Mistake Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 2 - Truth of Mistake. Written by iuveniachick
In this episode we are again following the insurance girls as they follow leads on Vash. This time the rumor is that someone has hired Vash as a private body guard. As they enter a town, quite thirsty they knock on the door of a large mansion, and when it is answered they are handed water. It is when they see who answers it they get the shock, the idiot from the first episode is back, and answering to Vash the Stampede? It is then explained that the man who hired him merely wanted the fear struck at the name and as such called the first person who came for the job Vash. With mass debauchery via 'Vash' and idiocy also form the same source, it turns out the man that hired 'Vash' is the bad guy and harmless lady is some type of federal agent. While the red-coated moron of the past two episodes seems to be inept, and too stupid to be the Humanoid Typhoon he seems to be more interesting than meets the eye.

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Episode Summary for Episode 2 - Truth of Mistake. Written by CAC
In this episode the only things I can remember is Vash goes to this hotel anwsering an add to protect a Very important chick can\'t remember her name (which he also thinks is hott) well he says his aim is always true when it comes to very beautiful women(not sure how that line went). and acts like he is shotting the VIC! and Myrel acts like the bullet hit her. and she\'s lying on the floor and Millie asks if she is alright! and then there is a part where Vash thinks the VIC is taking a shower and goes on the roof to go and spy on her! and Millie ends up walking in to the bathroom at the same time asking Vash what he is doing and he says he thought he heard someone on the roof and went to go check it out. and Millie just goes oh ok!

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