Episode 20 - Flying Ship Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 20 - Flying Ship. Written by coolmonk2
we see milly and meryl talking about vash.then they went to check on vash but he was gone.they see a note sayin "don\'t look for me-vash". later we see vash jumping off a cliff and landing on a flying thing,we also see wolfwood hanging on during a typhoon.the flying thing takes them up to a broken spaceship. vash and wolfwod comes in and they see brad(from rem saverem)and a girl named jessica.we do see brad getting jealous cuz jessica loves vash. now we see the prof givin vash a new arm. later people throw stuff at wolfwood cuz they don\'t like him. now we see alot of people murdered and brad thinks its wolfwood so he takes out his laser gun....and wait a minute jessicas missing so they go and fine her but they see being hold hostage by one of leonof\'s puppet.(leonof is a gung-ho-gun) but later vash comes and destroys the puppets. leonof also threatens vash,wolfwood and brad that hes sending three demons to kill them....... thats all

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