Episode 21 - Out of Time Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 21 - Out of Time. Written by coolmonk2
first, we hear leonof the puppetteur threating vash, wolfwood and brad about the three demons coming. so they split up trying to find jessica.but then vash and brad encounters a gung-ho-gun, hopperd the gauntlet. wolfwood also encounters a gung-ho-gun, grey the ninelives.as vash fights with hopperd the gaunlet, wolfwood has trouble killing grey. but later vash shoots hopperd and he gets knocked out cold. now wolfwood finally knows how to defeat grey. he gets his weapon and shoots the emergency sprinklers causing water to hit grey. grey then melts and wolfwood leaves. now vash tries to restore the power plant, but hopperd rises and destroys the big light bulb.vash fixes it alittle. wolfwood then finds jessica trapped. later vash leaves the spaceship and the people and brad cheer. then jessica comes to vash.she hugs vash and then kills brad. vash shoots her and finds out its a puppet. he then cries cuz brad is killed. wolfwood returns with the real jessica. now wolfwood searches for leonof and finds him. he then says TAKE THIS YOU BASTARD and kills leonof. thats all

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Episode Summary for Episode 21 - Out of Time. Written by Kyle
begining: meril and milly are sleeping n a cave, wolfwood and vash are sitting and talking about what they are going to do about Knives, ut never say his name. wolfwood thinks, \'poor guy, he never gets a break\', meril, still laying down, but not totally asleep, hears what they are talking about, and it looks as if she feels bad for vash. the morning comes, and they go to a city. int he car, vash seems really serious, and not laughing along with the group. Meril says "vash...", and vash puts on his false happyness routine. Basically, Vash, Wolfwood, Meril, and Milly are trying to get out of the desert and into an broken down city. Their efforts fail, and they wind up getting shot at. When returning to their vehicle, they see a small boy stealing their food. They follow the boy, and find a small group of orphens living in a building/cliff. They help out the kids, and earn their trust. The orphens explain that all their parents suddenly became "hypnotized", and just left, and were never seen again(i have a feeling legato did this). Eventually, midvalley the horn freak appears in the city, and kills a gaurd. Vash and the gang are instantly suspected. meanwhile, meril is tucking the orphens into bed, and a small blonde haired boy is crying in his sleep for his mom and dad*key to episode*. the next morning, a few of the cities police men are out side the orphems home, and open fire. Vash explains the situation, and they dont listen. giant worms attack suddenly. Vash and wolfwood do some work on them, wolfwood wasnt happy because vash wouldnt let him kill the worms. instead, the police men let them inside the city, where more worms were. wolfwood says it was unusual because the city was ontop of bedrock, which the worms didnt live in.*key* the orphens were with them. bla bla bla, gun fights, etc. occur. eventually, Meril, Vash and all the orphens are on a roof top. A worm attcks them, and Vash tries his luck. that when he notices a small device on the small blonde boys ear. Vash shoots it while facing the other way, and anounces that the boy was controling them. Vash asks why, the boy explains he is Zazie the beast of the Gung-ho guns. he immediatly points a gun to merils head. Vash realizes that he is being controlled by legato, and that the boy still had a shread of humanity in him. The boy denies it, and vash explains that he saw him crying in his subconcious for his mom and dad. the boy returns to himself, and drops his guns. A gun shot rung through the air, and the boy dropped dead. Wolf wood was standing on the opposite side of the roof, gun in hand. Vash gets really pissed, and grabbs wolfwoo by the collar. vash says the boy wasnt going to shoot them, and wolfwood disagrees. wolfwood explains that if he had not shot Zazie, Vash would be the one lying on the ground.Wolfwood walks away, and the show ends.

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