Episode 22 - Alternative Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 22 - Alternative. Written by SailorSapphire
Vash, Meryl, Wolfwood, and milly come across a town and the towns folk wont let them in. so they all continue but before they leave they come across a place where children are liveing and decside to say for a little while with them. well then sojme guys for the town come over and start shooting at the place where the kids are and vask and wolfwood come out so that meryl, milly, and the kids would be alright and then vash and wolfwood kinda get a little beat up. but then some unordinary sandworms come out and meryl take the kids with her to the highest building just like vash told her to do but milly chases after another kid. Then they all find out that one of the kids is a gun ho gun but wolfwood shoots the kid cause he was going to shoot vash but vash said that the child wasnt going to shot him then wolfwood punchs vash to try and make him realise why he shot the kid. and then wolfwood relizes what he did thanks to milly.

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