Episode 23 - Paradise Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 23 - Paradise. Written by Hellrayzor
In this episode Wolfwood is pronounced a Gun Ho Gun by some guy that taught him about being a priest. Wolfwood doesn\'t want to be one and gets into a fight with the guy. He kills the guy but gets injured himself and goes to a church where he start\'s talking to God and all of the things that he still ahd to live for. Unfortunately Wolfwood dies in the church and Milly busts into tears because she loved Wolfwood then carries his Cross thing with them saying that that\'s what Wolfwood would have wanted.

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Episode Summary for Episode 23 - Paradise. Written by INUYASHALOVER
Well, in this ep., there r a lot of flashbacks from Wolfwood\'s childhood. There was this guy, who looked like a snake, who would always tease Wolfwood w/ an apple when he was starving. He and Vash get caught in a shoot out & Wolfwood knows that the guy from his childhood is going to kill him, so he asks Vash what his real name is, and Vash answers, "It is Irrevalent." Then later on, the dude kills Wolfwood. Actually, he just wounds him enough so that he can crawl his way 2 a church and die there.:(:(:(:(:((WWWWWWWWWAAAAAA!)

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Episode Summary for Episode 23 - Paradise. Written by Haya Oushi
this episode is like totally the saddest one ever in Trigun. Nicolas D.Wolfhood dies. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Uh WAHHHHHHHHHHHH! I feel bad for milly.EVeryone cries except Vash. He waters his eyes out in the next episode. He is my favorite person along w/ Legato.

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Episode Summary for Episode 23 - Paradise. Written by INUYASHA/YUYUHAKUSHO LOVER
I can already tell by the title of this episode that there is gonna b trouble. Actually, my friend told me what was gonna happen. *CMEO* The main focus of this episode is wolfwood, my fav. character. 4 those of u who know whats coming, THIS EPISODE REALLY STINKS! I can\'t remeber this episode too well, except for the creepy dude w/ red eyes, (my friends and I call him snake-guy.)He comes to find Wolfwood with that stupid apple he carries around *rrrrrrrr*. Then Wolfwood dies in a church from a fatall wound that he got from the snake-guy. :(

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Episode Summary for Episode 23 - Paradise. Written by CCAMANDA
ok this episodes is really sad. It mainly focuses on Wolfwood. At the end Wolfwood goes to into a church and asks for forgiveness. He then dies. Wolfwood dies. End of story. Everyone bawls except for Vash (he bawls his eyes out in the next episode).

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Episode Summary for Episode 23 - Paradise. Written by KawaiiTenshi
Everyone is upset and confused over Wolfwood killing the kid the other day! (Or yesterday! It didn\'t specify!) Both Vash and Wolfwood stand on their opinions still! Vash sits by a statue with Knives written on it! Meryl walks up and they discuss the child! Wolfwood is walking around an begins to think about wether or not there was another way to deal with the child! Then he thinks about the first time he ever killed someone1 How easy it was to pull the trigger and to kill his guardian! He is taken in by a strange looking guy who trains him! hw tries to get him to be able to snatch an apple from him! He goes into how he started an orphanage so other kids didn\'t have to live like him! His trainer comes up to him (This is present day!) and tells him he\'s getting skinny! He replies that it\'s because he\'s been traveling with a trouble maker! The trainer (can\'t remember his name) says well why don\'t you kill him! Then Wolfwood replies............(I was freaking out!) I thought Knives wanted me to bring him back alive! Well orders have changed! He tries to get the apple but still can\'t!Wolfwood goes back to his room! Milly comes in! She has sandwiches! Well, to make things short and as close to pg as pooible they sleep together! the next morning you see W.W. get out of a bed w/ Milly in it and put on a shirt! He challenges Vash to finish the dual that they had sterted earlier! At first Vash refuses, but then tells W.W that he\'ll die if he promise\'s not to shoot anyone else! Then Comercial! W.W. says that Vash really knows how to p him off! He lowers his gun and then bullets start flying! W.W. tells Vash where one of the guys can be found and that he\'ll handle the other! Vash goes up to the guy and destroys his gun! He tells the guy to go home but he kills himself instead! wolfwood confonts his teacher! He shoots his teachers arm and grabs the apple! Says it tastes good! They draw their guns and the screen goes blank! Next we see Vash sitting on a truck upset over the other guy killing himself! (Oh earlier when W.W. goes to fight his teacher Meryl finds Milly in his room and she won\'t leave until he tells her to because told her no to.) W.W. walks up to him and talks for a minute! He tells Vash where Knives is! Vash asks him how he knew about knives. He never told him! But he\'s gone! W.W. walks into a church! Blood is dripping into puddles when he walks! He remarks that suprisingly to his profesion this is the first time he\'s ever confessed! He confesses his sins and wishes to stay with Vash and the girls! He thinks about Milly alot then dies! Milly cries! I bawled with her!

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Episode Summary for Episode 23 - Paradise. Written by Kikaidersukz
"Paradise," along with "Rem Saverem," is probably the most powerful and moving episode to date. If you have not seen the ending of this episode it is recommended that you do not read the last paragraph of this summary, as it may spoil an incredibly deep moment in the series. The episode starts off by giving us a glimpse of Nick Wolfwood\'s past. Apparently, he killed his abusive guardian at the age of seven and then began training under Chapel, a member of the Gung-Ho Guns. He must have had a pretty crappy childhood, which explains why he has such a deep empathy for children. After the flashback, Chapel returns for the first time in years to inform Wolfwood that Knives no longer wishes him to protect Vash and instead wants Nick to kill the legendary outlaw. Meanwhile, Vash and the girls arrive in the town where Knives made all the people disappear. Wolfwood also confronts Vash, though neither works up the nerve to say or do anything. Later, Nick mulls over the death of Zazie the Beast in his head, all the while wondering if he was mistaken in killing him. Milly comforts Nick while Vash turns in his sleep, unable to decide if he should forgive Wolfwood. The next morning, Nick and Vash have a little showdown, though Nick is unable to bring himself to kill Vash. Nick ends up saving Vash by deflecting a shot fired by Caine the Longshot, a member of the Gung-Ho Guns who carries a ridiculously long sniper rifle. Vash goes after Caine while Nick confronts Chapel, who is not pleased that Nick disobeyed his orders. Vash locates Caine by calculating the lag time between rifle shots versus the positive azimuth of the angle of attack (triangulation). He blows apart Caine\'s rifle and is about to let Caine go; unfortunately, Caine kills himself, probably because he knew what it meant to fail Legato (Dominique the Cyclops and Monev the Gale already paid that price). The battle between Woflwood and Chapel is fierce, though of course our man Nick comes out on top. He is about to kill Chapel, though he remembers what Vash taught him and decides to spare Chapel\'s life. However, Legato uses his mind control to force Chapel to aim at Nick while his back is turned. Vash buries Caine and is distraught over his death, though Nick comforts him and tells him the whereabouts of Knives. Nick then wanders off, leaving a bloody trail behind. ***Nick then enters the local chapel, falling to his knees before the sacristy. Apparently, the gunshot wound that Nick recieved from Chapel was fatal. What follows is the powerfully moving and emotional final confession of a good man who just made many mistakes in his life. Nick reminices the times he spent with Vash, Meryl, and Milly, and wishes that he could have lived in a peaceful place with his friends-Eden. Though he does not wish to die, we all know that, in the end, it is not and never was his choice. We are left with the idea that even the mistaken can find redemption in the light. Milly and Meryl cry their hearts out while Vash musters a brave face and renews his determination.***

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Episode Summary for Episode 23 - Paradise. Written by SailorSapphire
in this episode wolfwood is named a gun ho gun but doesnt really want to. But this guy that raised him wants him to be one just because of knives (hes not in this episode). But then wolfwood and the guy that rasied him (forgot his name) got into a fight and wolfwood dies but he claims before he dies that he didnt want to die like this and also he said that he still had more to live for. but fortunally he dies and milly cried her eyes along with meryl. (thats pretty much how it goes)

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