Episode 24 - Sin Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 24 - Sin. Written by Hellrayzor
this episode starts out with Vash buying doughnuts then he stops and begins to cry. Two kids appear and ask why he was crying and Vash replies that everyone cries. The boys say something about Wolfwood then Vash looks up and finds that everyone is laying on the ground. Lagato tells Vash to meet him on a mountain or something but the guy with the Sax gets in his way. Vash beats the guy then goes to the mountain where Lagato tells BVash to shoot him. Vash refuses and Lagato has the towns people start attacking Millie and Meryl and tells Vash to shoot him again. Vash thinks back to what Rem might do then finds that there\'s no other way so he shoots Lagato and then he blacks out and Millie and Meryl are saved.

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Episode Summary for Episode 24 - Sin. Written by Legato Blue summers, leader of the Gung-Ho Guns
Vash the Stampede walks up to a doughnut shop and buys a dozen. He sits down to eat them and realizes that they are really good. "Why do they taste so good?" he asks himself, dropping the bag. He begins to cry, and two children walk up. "It\'s a guy crying" one of them says. "Everyone feels like a guy crying sometimes" Vash replies. "You are crying because of Wolfwood. It\'s all your fault" one kid says, then passes out. Vash looks around and sees that the town is completely passed out. He sees legato, who tells Vash that will wait up there, pointing at a mountian. The town wakes up and Legato is lost in the crowd. Then midvalley the Horn Freak appears and begins to pummel Vash with his melody of pain. Then Legato guides innocent people into his sights, and Vash dives in the way, losing his gun. He turns his mechanical arm into a gun and shoots the wall. The bullets ricochet into the Saxaphone, disabeling its sound. Guns appear from the Saxaphone, but some are clogged, sending the bullets into Midvalley. Vash meets Legato at the top af the mountain, and Legato shows him Milly and Meryl, who are being held captive by people under control by Legato. legato makes a deal with Vash. If Vash will kill him, Milly and Meryl are free. Vash is shot, so Legato makes the angel arm appear. Vash retracts it, and points the gun at the kneeling Legato. Vash sees Rem and says "I\'m sorry". Rem disappears, and Vash pulls the trigger. legato falls dead, and Milly and Meryl are freed. Legato\'s voice is heard one last time. "I will make him suffer".

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Episode Summary for Episode 24 - Sin. Written by SamuraiKitty
This episode starts with Legato and that guy with the sax talking about vash when suddenly Knives comes along giving them him his plan or something. Then it goes to Vash in this populated town hwere he buys a bag full of doughnuts all happy and his usual goofy self. Then he drops them and starts crying. Then it goes to Meryl. She is thinking about when Vash left them a fter Wolfwood died. She asks him why does trouble always follow you and why did the priest have to die. Vash says because "he" is always following him and vash doesnt want any of his friends to get involved. Meryl starts hitting him asking him for an honest answer and she asks who knives is. Vash metions that he is his brother and then leaves Meryl crying insisde saying that she has to comfort Milly. Milly stops crying and says that they have to follow vash. Back to Vash there are these kids that walk up to him asking why he is crying and he is a grownup and all. Vash says everyone has to cry sometimes because of a friend of his had to go away and thenn the kids say that wolfwood had to die because of his stupid ideas that vash stuck into his head and vash looks up and they faint and everyone in the town fainted. It turns out that Legato was behind all of this so he walks up to Vash saying to meet him on some mountain near the town. He vanishes and the people start waking up and when that hornfreak guy mentions his name all the people start running away. There are some guys that are being controlled and they were about to get hit by that hornfreak attack with his sax and it also turns out that his sax his also a gun. well he loses anyways and vash starts up the mountain. Back to Milly and Meryl. They are traveling near the place Vash is and they spot a wounded man on the graound nad Meryl goes there to give him some water but then spots that he is controlled by someone. Back to Vash. Legato asks Vash to kill him but Vash refuses so Legato shows him Meryl and Milly being attacked by village people who are being controlled by Legato and he says if he doesnt shoot him, he will kill them. so Vash had no choice after thinking what Rem might have done and thinking of all his friends Milly, Meryl, wolfwood, Lina(The girl who he stayed with when he had the name ericks), and rem. Them finally he shoots Legato and Legato tells Knives that Vash will live in eternal torment. Vash starts crying.

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Episode Summary for Episode 24 - Sin. Written by Meril
vash ends up in some town and buys some doughtnuts and then drops them(crying) then 2 lil kids end up comeing up to him saying" hey its a man and hes crying" then vash sayz" every feels like crying sometime" then the kids say " r u crying b/c of wolfwood, its all ur falt" then the kids pass out. vash looks up and sees legato and then he looks around and the once busy street is now full of ppl that r passed out. legato sez meet me at the mountain or something like that. then that one guy with the sax seez something boput vash. then all the ppl run and they start to fight, then the ppl were walking into the fight(not on their own will)and then the guy with the sax waz gonna hit them but then vash gets hit instead(for their safty).then he wins and goes to the mountain and then legato sez "kill me" or somthin like it then vash refueses and then milly and meril get in the picture, the ppl from the town r still under legatos control and start at them(milly and meril)then legato sayz" if u dont ill kill them"(or something like it) then vash gets a bullet in him , then he sayz no dont kill them, then legato sayz then kill me , then he waz thinking bout what rem might do, then meril and milly waz bout to die then vash shoots legato. then vash starts to cry,then you here legatos voice say " yes master i under satnd that u want him to live with eturnal torture" than vash blacks out.

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