Episode 25 - Live Through Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 25 - Live Through. Written by SamuraiKitty
This episode starts with Vash waking up to find that he is on a bed full of bandages. He remembers everything that happened ten days ago, all the people that died, Meryl and Milly almost dead because of him, and him killing Legato. He?s about to cry, but then he hears Meryl out side talking to a man. Then Meryl walks into the room with cans of soup in a grocery bag. She sees that he has just woken up and gives him a bowl of soup, her own recipe. Then she say that she has to go somewhere so she walks out the door but starts crying because she feels sorry for Vash. Meryl walks into the town, which is a very peaceful town then there?s this big rock that comes flying out of the well which almost hits her. Then Milly comes out of the well and goes and talks to Meryl. She says that work takes away all of her problems and helps her not think of them. Meryl agrees. They start walking back to the place where Vash is, which is like a small motel. Meryl spots a man on a mountain near the town. She walks up there and sees that?s it?s Vash. She asks him why is he up there. He keeps on saying that he?s a sinner because he killed someone and he keeps on saying sorry to Rem. Meryl goes to him and tries to pull him back to the motel saying that he isn?t healed yet and has to rest. Vash pushes her away and says that he has to go to Rem. Then he faints. They bring him back to his room. Meryl and Milly are having a conversation of what happened ten days ago and Meryl starts crying again saying that maybe its their fault that all of this happened because they followed him there. Milly stands up and tells her that its not their fault because they followed him because they cared about him and wanted to help him. Then Meryl agrees and says maybe Milly should be making the decisions from now on because she is right, then says never mind because that would be a stupid thing to do(since Milly is dimwitted). Then the next morning, they go to work and tell Vash, whom is sitting on a chair on the porch, to watch the place until they return. They go to work. Milly is a construction worker wearing a hard hat digging up a well until the water comes out. Meryl is a waitress in a bar (There is is this funny part when a guy touches her butt and she smacks him with a tray). Then back to Vash, some people come in a truck delivering stuff near where Vash is. One of the guys see him and wonders where has seen him before. The guy in the store says that two girls briught him there days a go to heal because he go shot all over and bad injuries. Then the guy in the truck tells the other guy to get in and hurry. When the guy in the truck was speeding he told the other guy that he is Vash the Stampede. That night we see Vash sitting up on that same mountain earlier singing Rem?s favorite song( I forgot the name) Then meryl comes walking to him finishing the song for him. Vash is surprised that she knows it because it is a very old song and says that it sounded good. Meryl blushes and goes and sits next to him. The stars were bright that night. Vash looks at Meryl and says that maybe the stuff in the song might happen. Meryl smiles and agrees. The next day Meryl runs to work late and realized that the townspeople know that Vash is the one who they brought in. They are really mad and closing in on Meryl and Milly. Meryl then thinks about vash and asks them if they did anything to him. They look out side and realize that he?s being dragged by a jeep. She says to stop because they are hurting him. The people in the jeep with guns wonder why he is wimpering like a dog and think that maybe this person isn?t him. Vash says that he is the one and they start kicking him saying that this is the pain that he has caused everyone. One of the men shoot bullets near his head trying to scare him and then is aiming for his head telling him to smile and die like a man. Vash doesn?t smile because he is sad. Then when the man was about to shoot Meryl and Millie come running there. Meryl defends Vash and goes in front of him so thhe guy won?t shoot. She says that Vash helped alll those people because she has watched him for a long time that she knows him well. The guy tells her to move or he?ll shoot. She starts walking toward the guy with the gun slowly still covering Vash. She says that no one has the right to take the life of another person and a bunch of other things.(almost like the time when one of the people on the ship Vash was on was about to shoot Knives). Vash realizes this and sees Meryl as Rem. Meryl talks some sense into the guy and she lowers his gun down. Later, Vash hugs Meryl still calling her Rem, thank you for giving me the answer. Then he hugs her really tight and meryl smacks him on the head, but is happy. Vash says don?t hit me I?m injured.(lol) The next day Vash is about to leave and Meryl is outside waiting for him. They have a farewell conversation. Then Milly comes running toward him carrying Wolfwood?s cross telling him to use it because it would honor Wolfwood. Then he walks into the desert while Meryl and Milly watch him leave. Meryl starts crying and says that she hasn?t said anything about the way she feels for him. Milly tells her she can spill it all to him when he returns. Vas walks to his final battle against Knives. THE END

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Episode Summary for Episode 25 - Live Through. Written by christina estes
in the beginning we see vash sleeping and hear rem saying get up vash you have to come on vash. he wakes up and says here the hell am i. then a flash back comes on,we see ww in a church, then saxaphone dude on the ground, then the spike dude also on the ground dead, then the girls on the ground beat up.after the falshbacks we hear {you know what i forgot her name sorry i will just say m} m say thanx for letting us stay here. she walks in and says oh your up,well thats a sign of improvment. after that she says i made some soup for you, it will help you heal. and asks if he remembers anything about what happened. he says i remember i remember everything. then she says oh i just forgot i have to go somewhere be right back and eat all of your soup. she walks out and says oh vash, in the background we here vash screaing. now we see her walking in the town and the dude that let her stay with him asked how vash is doin. all the sudden we see a rock fly out of the well almost hitting her.milly comes out and says sorry!! after we see them both sitting down and milly says oh so vash awake.m says yes then milly says great. m says that they can have lots of dinner tonight {something like that}. they get the food and start walking home when they see vash up on a hill. he starts talking about what happened last ep and the girls wak up him and ask what the heck he doing up there. he turns around and says he has to go to rem. they are confused and he says i killed him, i killed him with my own hands i did. then starts walking and says rem then falls.its night and m is telling milly that it was a bad idea for them t follow him. then milly gets up and says we did cus you care for him and starts yelling at her. they calm dow and m starts talking again about them working and vash getting better. after that night we see little sceens like them working and vash eatting his soup _stuff like that}. after that the girls told vash to watch the house for them. vash tries to pet that cat that see very dand ep. but the cats scratchs him. then we see a truck pull up to a store a dude starts to unload some stuff, while that is happening we see the truck driver look at vash and tells the dude or says they need to get the heck out of there. then he tells him why.the next day m went to work and by surprise see milly trapped by the town ppeople. the town people tell them that they dont want them there again because of vash.after that m asks what they done to him.then we see vash getting dragged by a ttruck. they stop and the truck driver asks why we he did what he did. and then they started to think that he hasnt him, but vash started to cry and said that he the humanoid typhone {however you spell it}. m says stuff that rem said along time ago and approches the truck driver {which has a gun} at the same time vash looks at her and see rem. she saves vash and we see him sitting down asking how the girls can be so reckless they answer him says that its part of there job. he relizes that what he did has a istake and he can ask for forgivness. then he rune up m and starts hugging her saying oh this is a great day with one of his redickulous{however you spell it}faces. he rubes he cheeck and her cheeck togetther and she hits him on the head. he says hey arnt i suppose to be hurt and the end

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Episode Summary for Episode 25 - Live Through. Written by Marie
Meryl and Millie take Vash to this quiet town where Vash can rest from his injuries. Vash rests there for 10 days.He stays there for a while , while Meryl and Millie bring him soup daily. Then someone in town recongizes him and they are seen by Meryl dragging him by a jeep. Then , she and Millie beg the townspeople to let him go, which they do and then Vash hugs and squeezes her tight, which makes her blush,and then she punches him on the head which looks pretty funny. Then Vash goes off by himself to face his brother , Knives.

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Episode Summary for Episode 25 - Live Through. Written by Jazz
What happens is that Milly and Meryl takes Vash to a quite little town where he can rest which he turns out resting for 10 days. They leave him and he disappears and Meryl and Millie end up finding him. They take him back and when they leave again he does the same thing. Then they wake up and leave again and this time he goes sit to think about something when someone in town regonizes him. They tied him up, left some rope, and tied the rope to a jeep and drag him on the ground. Meryl sees him and tries 2 save him. When Vash looks at Meryl he sees Rem and at the end when he is saved, he realizes he has to get to Knives (you know like try to make him be good instead of evil) and he hugs Meryl and that parts funny. He hugs her and crys happy tears. She ends up hitting him on the head and walks away.

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