Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue. Written by Raz
Under The Sky So Blue, the final episode. What a wonderful way to end such a series. They leave it open so you have no doubts and you can freely let your mind wander on all the "what if's." Vash comes upon his brother drinking red wine in what appears to be a small eden of trees and lush grass. They both wave to the other and Knives asks how the humans have been treating Vash. Vash sets his cross down and they talk to one another Flash back playing over the screen. This is a perfect recap of everything done in Vash's life. From His and Knives's birth, to His current situation. Both brothers trade bullets taking out the table and chairs Knives had been sitting at. At one point Vash and Knives aim guns to the other skull, pulling the trigger twice having grabbed a single bullet from the air after unloading the other gun. The ultimate family game of Russian Rolute. Vash gets nailed in the shoulder and staggers backwards. Knives powers up his Angle Arm and fires. Energy issues in an half orb of black and conflicting white. As everything clears, the trees and grass are completely demolished and we come to find Vash standing there his Angle arm fully extended as well and Knives. "He cancled me out." Knives is thinking to himself. Both brother argue with the other tellipathicly and Knives insists Vash is a Plant, "I know." He then says something else to which Vash answers. "I've made my desision." They both fire on one another again and cancle the other out. Using the arm twice is very tiering for them because this time when they come back into view there no Angle Arm insight just bare skin and muscle. (Vash is built to perfection..sorry..>.>;; and don't get me started on the Scars, that and his eyes, personality, Thoughts...Mmm, Damn I'm babbling...anywho..) Vash fires one last time and clicks empty before Knives laughs, re-loads and fire on him, taking him to the ground and disarmed. Knives catches Vash's gun and aims it at him, firing up the angle arms once agian. "What are you doing stupid! It right next to you! Use it!" Wolfwood screams into Vashs mind and He raises a hand to slap it down on the sandy earth the Punisher appears and Knives gets the most wonderouse looks of surprise over his face. Vash fires and Knives throws the Angle Arms up to toss the guns into the air. Vash grabs his and Aims at Knives as he falls after re-loading. One to each thigh, one to the soulder, one to each shoulder and one to the chest, but not near his heart. Knives lays on the ground under the hovering Vash, his gun aimed at his shaking and sweating brother. "I...WILL...SURVIVE!" you hear the shot but never really get to see where is goes. We flash to a rock shooting out of the well Millie had been moreking on for so long and Meryl standing in the down pour laughing. They both have hopes about Vash coming back and low and behold we go back to him. We see Knives on the ground all patched up and passed out. Vash throws his coat away and drops his gun in the dirt. He lifts Knives onto his shoulder and Speaks as if talking to Rem. Deciding that he would still beilieve in her, still cherrish her memorie but live by his own words of wisdome from there on in. Now if you have the DVD set, you know that Vash makes it back to the town with Knives over his shoulder. Millie and Meryl gladly meet in with smiles and a purring Black Cat floats along in the left over water thats about 4 inches deep.

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue. Written by Tabatha A.K.A Vash's Bunny girl
In this episode Vash meets up with Knives and they have a bunch of moments that time frezzes and they have alot of flash backs that show alot of the past and explain alot for people who have seen very few episodes...(like me cuz im always grounded) Vash and Knives start dukin it out fighting eachother with a very strange way of civil rivery (sry i can't spell LOL) Instead of punchs and blood like my bros they point guns at eachothers heads and grab eachothers arms... they pop open there guns grab bullets and re-load and try to get the gun to eachothers head before the other one dose and somthing not to likey is that they're eaqually matched... Until Knives cheats and puts and uses his angel arm... He shots Vash and you think it's all over as you see a big white light then it gets overpowered and receeds by a black light... when the light fades you see that Vash is using his angel arm too... They do this until they run out of power... then Knives repowers and is just about to kill Vash as Wolfwood voice comes back and says "Vash use it it's write next to you!!!" Vash pounds the ground and wolfwoods cross pops up and Vash shoots Knives 5 times... once in each limb and twice in his right arm if i remember correctly... Vash bandages him up and takes off his red coat as he carries Knives into the distance with Rem in the clouds looking down at them... But knives isn't dead now is he............. DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNN (cheap dramatic music plays)(NO not in the episode!!!.... in my mind)

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue. Written by Shouten
In this episode Vash starts out looking for Knives,and he starts having flash backs about him and Knives.When knives and Vash landed on the planet knives gets really pist at Vash.Quote "I hate you Knives.You killed them all Rem....The crew!Your not even Human!" Knives the starts kicking and beating Vash "Your damn right im not human,how dare you say say that!" Next sceen Knives and Vash are older and knives go into the broken ship and come out with to guns (his and Vash\'s)Knives kill like alot of people and Vash gets pist and shoots knives in the knee and leavs knives rolling in pain. After more sceens Vash finaly finds Knives drinking tea.After knives and Vash talk the action starts,guns are fired but they both miss.After more talk Knives reveals his Angle Arm,more talking, and Vash ends up with his Angle Arm.Blah blah blah after more talking Vash and Knives starts powreing up there arms (Vash is now able to controle it.)they shoot at the same time but Vash\'s over comes Knive\'s and Vash defets Knives. Next sceen Milly and Meryl are working on the well when it starts raining and the well starts shooting out water and Kuronekoflys out too,and every one is cheering next sceen vash is walking through the desert with Wolfwood\'s cross looking sweet.

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue. Written by Rick001
Starts with Vash going to meet his brother. The first 10 minutes is flashbacks of the entire series up to this point and them when they were younger. Vash finally meets Knives and Knives asks if Vash had fun withthe humans. Vash smiles and says yes he did it was the best thing to happen to them. The bullets fly and Vash and Knives bring out the Angel Arms. We hear them talking Knives says they are better and Vash says he begs to differ. The angel arms go off but both survive. Vash is knocked to the ground and Knives grabs Vashes gun. Knives forms 2 Angel Arms! And prepars to kill Vash. Vash hears Wolfwoods voice in his head saying "What the hell are you doing?! It\'s right next to you dammit! USE IT! Vash uses the Cross Gun and shoots Knives. then he shoots him once in each arm and leg. He goes to kill him but we don\'t see him do it. Meanwhile in the town they get water and Milly and Meryle wonder if Vash will be back. Meryle smiles and says he will come back. We go back to Vash, Knives is bandaged it\'s unknown if he\'s alive or dead I thinks he\'s alive. Vash takes off his red coat and tosses it to the ground. Vash takes Knives over his shoulder and smiles and says "I\'ll always believe in you Rem but from now I\'ll follow my own path". He walks into the sunset. So hear ends the tale of Vash The Stampede

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue. Written by vask56
in this ep vash mets up with knives and the show went on a flash back it showed when vash and knives were on earth and vash told knives ho could you do that, you killed all those poeple ,you killed rem .and you know what knives did he just smiled. after that flash back was done knives asked vash how the humans were and vash said fine while he said that he took out his silver gun and pointed it at knives after that they had a gun fight everyone says knives has two angel arms but he doesn\'t it\'s the silver gun that causes the both of them to have an angel arm and i\'m gald vash didn\'t kill knives even though he was a jerk and an idoit vash decieds to take his own advice while that was happening milly and maryl foun water

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue. Written by vash\'slittle gurl/yusuke\'s girl/mrs.inuyasha
Im going to make this summaryas small as possible and to the point...well of coure vash(yeah!)is fighting his brother and is sort of losing but at the end he wins! (i don\'t like his brother!he creeps me out! idon\'t know about you guys though!)of coure!vash cries and asks for Rems help!(he should go find meryl and take some of her advise!*they make a great couple anywayz*) MORE FIGHTING,FIGHTING MORE BLA BLA BLA...THEN AT THE END his brother Knife I think dies!(couldn\'t really tell if he was dead or not) and he tells Rem that now he\'s going to take his own advise.*skips to meryl and milly* the are still digging a shole for the dried up town and all of a sudden they hit water!(everyones jumping aroundall happy that they have water now)now milly asked,"meryl,do you thind vah will come back?!" Meryl answers,"of course! he won\'t let a girl like me hanging around here! end of episode...(the last one!*sniff sniff..cries softly*boohoo!)

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue. Written by Anime Angel
Vash find knives having tea under an healthy tree. Which is abnormal because they dont have that much water. Vash has all of these flash backs about how he and knives became enemys. Knives wanted to kill all humans and Vash wanted to save them so then the fight begans. Soon Vash begans a gun fight and this goes on for quite a while. Then knives takes Vash\'s gun and makes two angel arms and fires. Vash does his angel arm and holds back the blast. Vash is about to die when he pulls out his secret gun in his arm and shoots Knives 4 times, one bullet for each limb (hey the guy deserves it). Then it goes to a scene where Milly and Meryal are standing by the well and water gushes out and everyone is dancing around it raising their hands up. The Milly asks Meryal is Vash is coming back and Meryal responds by saying " Of course he is,he wouldnt leave a girl like me waiting would he. Then you see Vash carrying Knives body heading for home. As he\'s walking you see a pickture of Ren in the sky so blue. End of episode. End of series. End of Trigun.And remember nobody has the right to take someone elses life.

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue. Written by Beckman
Vash the stampeded is drawn to a umbrella shaped trees as he enters the seen. He has been walking the desert looking for his brother whom he was told by Wolfwood of Knives location. Vash is carrying Wolfwoods\' mercy cross as he walks above the desert horizon to see a brother who is drinking tea. When Vash see his brother he doesnt say a word, but plants the cross in the grass and pulls his chrom pistol out, pointing it in the direction of Knives. At this point we go into a flashback to the brothers being born, resting in their ship garden, and talking with Rem. We then see Knives kill the directors of the Seeds Project and Vash and Knives being put on the ship by Rem, that will eventually take them to earth. We see Vash and knives as walking the desert a year later, looking for civilization and trying to establish a city. A Seeds ship is then shown that has fallen to earth, with a colony of people being developed and lines of individuals standing in line to get buckets of water. Over a cliff Vash and Knives appear to see the people waiting in line and to see one individual with a great need for water push through the crowd and start drinking from the hose. At this time the line of people get upset and they too start to rush the hose in order to also get water. Knives then tells Vash that these humans are errogant and impatient, they dont need to be alive. Knives then widens his eyes to cause a water tower to glow and seem like it wants to explode which makes the people of the colony stop their fighting and gaze at the tower. Vash sees that something is happening to the tower and quickly shakes and asks his brother, Knives, to stop his actions and not harm the people. This immediately makes the tower stop glowing and Knives walks away from the cliff while Vash watches the people. Three months later Vash and Knives find a ship where upon Knives tells vash to stay at the ship because he has to go find something. A year later Knives returns to a adult looking Vash with clothes and a silver pistol for him. He tells Vash to follow him and as Vash does, Knives takes his duplicate black pistol and fires into the horizon which causes a large half-spherical white glowing explosion to appear. Knives then says to Vash that this weapon has a good trajectory and should serve well to eliminate the human race. Vash is surprised and puzzled telling Knives that he cannot destroy the human race. Knives then tells Vash that they do not need the human race but should only have the planet to themselves. With this Vash lifts the pistol given to him and points it at Knives. Knives becomes puzzled and asks Vash why he is pointing his gun at him. He goes on to say humans are like garbage and should be eliminated at which point Vash fires his gun shotting Knives in his right thigh. Knives is surprised and doesnt know what this painful feeling is. He has never experienced pain and is in shock as he grabs his thigh and asks Vash what is happening to his body. Vash then grabs Knives black gun and runs away. The flashback ends and a gunfight has ensued under the umbrella tree. Both Vash and Knives take cover; one behind a tree, the other behind a rock. Knives shots the tree Vash is hiding behind, even hitting branches above him to cause cuts from the falling debri. As Knives reloads Vash\'s pistol is seen shottin at the rock Knives is hiding behind. Knives then counterattacks and shots the tree only to see a tinsle wire attached to Vash\'s gun. Has Knives follows the wire, Vash has callibrated his arm machine gun to shot at Knives, knocking Knives\' pistol out of his hand. Has Knives reaches for his pistol Vash also pulls on the wire to retreive his pistol only to see that Knives has come up upon him already. They both point there pistols at each other and grab the other guys pistol, at the same time as putting on the guns safety. They are face to face and both hit the reload spring on each others gun causing the shells to pop and out of the revolving case. They then both swipe the air to grab the one bullet that has not been fired from both their guns, quickly loading and reaiming the piston on each others left eye. This is a tense situation as they grab each others left forearm and have a pistol aiming down their left eye. It is Knives that shots first and shots Vash in his clavicle/shoulder cause Vash to miss his intended mark. With Vash down, Knives reloads his pistol, and transforms his arm into his destruction cannon. He then tell Vash that he is a plant and is much better then a human and that he should have no emotions for these humans. All this time Vash is trying to shot his brother with an empty pistol. At this time a large half-sphere explosion occurs which is immediately blackened out and nutralized. Knives then sees that Vash has counteracted his attack with his own destruction cannon. Knives yells at vash that this was not the purpose of the weapon he made for vash, it was designed to destroy humans. Knives then proceed to fire his cannon again but it is constantly counterattacked by Vashes own cannon. Knives then gets upset and shots vash in his other shoulder, and both thighs to cause Vash to fall to the ground on his back. Knives then picks up Vash\'s pistol, reloads it, and transforms both of his arms into the destruction cannons. Vash is now looking down too cannons when he hears Wolfwoods voice, "Dont be a full, pick it up and shot him, its right there." Vash then realizes that he has fallen on the ground beside the mercy cross that he entered the seen with. Because of all the explosions, it is now uncovered and laying under sand to not be seen. Vash feels around for the cross and grabs it by the trigger. He then lifts the cross and arms it causing Knives to become wide-eyed. Before Knives can fire his cannons, Vash has unloaded 10-30 rounds at the cannons and caused them to deactivate and fall apart, cause the silver one to come out of Knives hand. Vash then drops the cross and runs and dives to grab his pistol before it hits the ground. He manages to catch his pistol and in Bullet Time, manages to shot Knives before he Knives can shot him. Has Vash falls he shots Knives in both shoulders, both thighs, and in the upper chest. Knives falls and vash stands above him, watching as Knives shakes and crys. Marel is in a city from the previous episode when all of a sudden the well that was dry, overfloods and causes a shower on the city. Milly then joins Marel and cheers as she states that they got the well to work and that they are saved. Milly see that Marel is saddened for not being with Vash and tells Marel that she is sure Vash is doing fine and will return to her. Marel then agrees say, "He knows better then to keep a good woman like me waiting." Back to Vash, who is still standing over Knives body, we see that he is saddened and teary eyed. It is now that we see his gun drop and his red coat fly in the air. He states that he is free and that because he has free will he will no longer need Rem\'s advice. He can live his own life knowing that the decisions he will make will make his life a much more pleasant one. As hes states this, we see that Knives has been bandaged up. We also see Vash lift his brother, put him over his shoulder and walk off into the distance in the space suit Knives gave him, with a mirage of Rem in the Blue sky........

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue. Written by Jessica
Vash is looking for knives and he finds him drinking wine. They talk about when they were little and start a gunfight. Eventually knives whips out his angel arm and vash dousn\'t want him to blow up the whole planet to he also whips out his and he blocks knives\' shot. Then vash takes out his cult .45 and shoots knives in both his sholders and both his legs...

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue. Written by S.Kitsune
Vash meets his brother, who is having tea. It then shows flashbacks of Vash\'s past. Afterwards, He and Knives have a huge gun fight, and both end up using the ANGEL ARMs. Then, Knives takes Vash\'s gun and tries to use both ANGEL ARMs against Vash. Vash uses Wolfwood\'s Crossgun (i forgot what it was called! shame on me T.T) and gets his gun back, and kills Knives. He picks up his brother and walks back towards his friends Meryl Strife and Milly Thompson.

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue. Written by Kagomeslove4u
Vash is on his way to find Knives, crossing a sandy dessert leaving Milly and Merly behind. He finds Knives drinking tea and sets WolfWoods cross down.(Various flashbacks of when they where smaller appear in Vashes head)They begin to fight. They both run behing trees and star firing at one another.Knives uses his angel arm to fire at vash,but Vash cancels his atack with his own angel arm.They both have eachother at gun point. They both cok there guns. Both of there guns are pointed directly at eachothers head. Vash decides not too shot knives,but Knives shoots vash in the arm. Knives then gets his gun and now has two angel arms. He is just about too fire when Vash shoots him over and over again.He found WolfWoods cross and shot him .Knives is on the ground. Vash walks by him and points the gun at his face. He dosent shot.Vash starts to think about Rem and says"From now on im going to take my onw advice." Vash walks back to the town with Knives in his arms.

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue. Written by Rikku
It begins when Vash finally meets up with Knives. They stare at each other for a while, then finally, the show starts showing flashbacks of the past. We\'re showed that the two never really got along. How Vash almost almost killed Knives by striking him with a rock while sleeping. Over and over Rem is shown with her guidance. Finally, Vash and Knives go at it. It seems like they are equal when it comes to battling. Bullets fly, shots were taken, and the Angel Arm was used. But when Knives had Vash cornered, he had Angel Arms on both his left and right arm, aiming at Vash. "What are you doing!? It\'s right next to you! USE IT!" Is the voice inside Vash\'s head. Suddenly, he slams his hand on the ground and Woflwood\'s fighting mechanism helps Vash shoot the Angel Arms off Knives. Now we\'re back to where it began. Vash shoots Knives in a couple of different places. He stands over him, prepared to shoot him one last time. But he can\'t. Most of us expected Vash to finally kill his brother, but of course, he didn\'t. He nearly killed his brother but he didn\'t. Also, we see that Millie and Meryl were still working on the well when suddenly they hit water. Millie asks if Vash would ever come back, and Meryl laughs and says, "Of course his is! He\'s not keeping a girl like me waiting!" Vash then helps Knive\'s wounds and then carried his body on his shoulder. As he looked up to the sky (which this had to be my favorite part), he saw Rem up in the clouds, smiling down at him. Vash looks up to her and says, "Rem, I will continue to believe in you. But I will no longer follow in your guidance."

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Beneath This Sky So Blue. Written by Sesshomaru.
Vash starts to look around for knives and finds him having tea.Vash talks to him and then starts a gun fight.Knives takes his gun and makes a cannon out of it and shoots.But Vash does the same thing.Then they fight with guns and finnaly Vash shoots Knives in all four limbs. Thats the end of the saga.{Short isnt it}

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