Episode 3 - Peace Maker Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Peace Maker. Written by Kikaidersukz
This episode starts off with Vash entering a town looking for a man named Frank Marlin, a famous gunsmith. However, upon entering the town Vash finds out that Frank Marlin is way past his prime and is now famous only for drinking. Vash and Frank get drunk together and Frank tells Vash of his philosophy, which is based on the belief that no matter what you do, someone will gain and someone will lose. Frank\'s solution? He does nothing-that way it\'s fair for everyone. Anyway, some bandits, one of whom pretends to be Vash the Stampede, hold up the town bank. Vash challenges them, though it seems as though he forgot his gun while he was drunk at Frank\'s house. Fortunately, an elderly lady comes out wielding a Frank Marlin .38 Special. It soon turns out that all the townspeople carry guns and rifles designed by Frank. The bandits flee. However, Frank sees all this selfless courage and determination, and his life is turned around. He fixes Vash\'s silver gun, which was out of alignment, for free and puts the booze behind him for good. At the last, Meryl and Milly are about to find out Vash\'s true identity, though he ends up vomiting.

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