Episode 5 - Hard Puncher Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 5 - Hard Puncher. Written by iuveniachick
The bumbling idiot that seems to be as integral character as M&M starts of the episdode in a restaurant when bounty hunters come claiming he is the real Vash the Stampede. After taking them out in a funny scene that imvolves a child's dart gun, tomato juice, and drycleaning, the entire town decides they want the bounty on his head. Funny scene two is the big chase scene of Vash against the town. Caught by the women in a restaurant (possibly where he began) he is forced to save the town from two crazy outlaws hired to kill him. After saving all the people that had caught him and deflecting the giant hand of doom, of one the outlaws(it is quite obvious which one) He takes them both down in a fight that consists of SIX bullets. With a bit of seriousness and a lot of skill the bumbling idiot of the first four episodes becomes a man worthy of the title Humanoid Typhoon.

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Episode Summary for Episode 5 - Hard Puncher. Written by Kikaidersukz
Vash shows up at yet another backwater town that\'s in disrepair because the townspeople lost their power plant and they don\'t have the money to fix it. Some roughnecks get a lead on him and alert the whole town of his whereabouts. A huge chase scene erupts as hundreds of desperate townspeople seek Vash out so they can claim the reward and fix up their town. Vash miraculously eludes his captors until he is cornered in a bar. The mayor hires a pair of crazed mercenaries called the Nebraska Family to finish Vash off. Meryl finally wises up to the fact that Vash really is the Humanoid Typhoon. Meanwhile, Vash finally fires his big gun in order to save some townfolk who were injured by the Nebraska Family. In the end, Vash says his "Love and Peace" line about twenty times as the townsfolk stop chasing him.

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