Episode 6 - Lost July Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 6 - Lost July. Written by kayte
in this episode vash is in a town where everybody was trying to kill him for the $$60 billion double dollars. Their plant had broken down and they needed the money. but now , since he saved the town he was freinds with them. he was hired by the woman who was incharge of the new plant to protect her from an assasin. But she set it up. she made it so that the plant was about to blow up. she lead vash into the core or area where the problem was. there was a guy there that vash easily stopped . then she locked vash in and told him that he would pay for blowing up her hometown of july. i thought it was stupid because she told him she wanted to kill him because he blew up the town but didnt kill anyone. she said that the people became mad and killed eachother. but a strange thing happened. the next scene was her memory of finding her parents dead. she was walking and crying. then she bumped into a man in bandages and a red coat. (obviously it was vash ) then she said u can die and walked out And told everybody to evacuate now vash looked deeply depressed. then the man that the woman had hired to pretend to be the assain woke up and was freaking out because vash seemed to be controling the plant and stopping the problem. everyone in the town was watching and praying. all the children were asking for vash. then vash walked out of the door.. all the people started running to the plant while screaming thankyou. then the lady (not sure of her name) walked up to vash and pressed a gun up to his chest. she kept asking why did you do that i want my revenge. vash said he couldn\'t let all the towns people die. and that he was sorry that he destroyed the town but he couldnt remember anything just childhood memories and walking through the rbel of the town . course the lady was upset she said no i need my revenge then vash started crying and hugged her she looked up at him and relized he was the man that hugged her because she was crying because her parents died. now she was having a fit "no it was you the whole time." she said

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