Episode 7 - B.D.N. Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 7 - B.D.N.. Written by KrystalTokyo
Well, first of all, Vash decides to leave Anapral. He boards onto the big steam train thingy... anyways, when Vash\'s on board he meets some mysterious kids who claims to be a stowaway. The kid tells Vash about a gruesome life back at home, and Vash, being the angel that he is, starts taking care of the kid. Later that night however, the kid makes every security guard on the ship (including Vash) fall aleep with some kind of gas so the notorious gang the Bad Land Boys could hop the ship and steal all of the goods. Before the end of the show, the B.L.D finds a huge safe and is racing towards a city to get the key. Vash is with the kid in a ventilation shaft. And Meryl and Milly from the Bernardelli Insurance Co. are hidden in the passanger section trying to figure out a plan of action.

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