Episode 8 - And Between The Wasteland and Sky Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 8 - And Between The Wasteland and Sky. Written by Crowman
^^^Don't know what that is doing on this one^^^ This episode is the conclusion to the previous B.D.N. which obviously stood for Brilliant Dynamite Neon. After the driver is shot by Neon for trying to stop the train, Neon plans to have the train crash so as to break the safe open. The kid who had helped the Bad Land Boys board loses it and yells at Neon. Bad move- Vash "saves" him, with the boy and Vash ending up flying out the window of the moving train. Somehow they end up in a room where the kid is able to use the strange intercom system (a bunch of pipes) to guide Vash T.S. (the kid has a map of the train from earlier). Vash tears through the train, but we see his is seriously wounded. Eventually Neon heads him off with a bunch of goons. M&M show up to even the numbers. Neon agrees to a duel w. Vash for the fate of the train. Neon could've killed Vash, but realizes he "lost" the dual by some condition. The BLB bail and the kid tries to help the crew stop the train. the men resist but the kid eventually helps in a boiler-roomish place(pulling a lever the men cant reach). In the end they're heading to crash. Neon really does adhere to his agreement with Vash- he crashes his gang's vehicle to stop the steam train from flying off the cliff thats the end of the line. Neon makes a point that he'll get a fair duel with Vash one day, and he'll win (of course). Anyway, Vash heals up and recognizes the song the kid sings as they stand on top of the train the following morning.

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Episode Summary for Episode 8 - And Between The Wasteland and Sky. Written by coolmonk2
first, we see vash on a train with Milly and meryll and alot of other people.On there way they see a guy with a big cross. they wonder who he is and his name is Nicholas D. Wolfwood. later on they found out he is a priest. vash and wolfwood becomes friends. then, a two girls are begging for food and nicholas gives them candy bars. later on a man is injured and milly thinks its vash and she points her stungun at him. the tourist later find out that the person that was responsible for the mans injure was actually a mechanical snail. vash and wolfwood team up and fight the mechanical snail. it seems that there were to much snails and they go to the factory were the snails were made.later on, wolfwood was adout to be killed but vash uses his hidden gun(i think). After they destroyed the factory the get on the bus and they finally arrived to some place.

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