Episode 9 - Murder Machine Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Murder Machine. Written by Wolfwood-Chan
in this episode meryl vash and milly are going on a bus cuz they wanted to go to the next town thing and on the way vash sees wolfwood far in the desert and saved his life and it was wolfwoods job to find vash and it happend totally on accident ^_^; and the bus driver was nice enough to let wolfwood stay for 80$$ on the bus and then he shoves the confessional on his head hoping to get some extra cash and wolfwood sees some hungrey kids and offers them small little thingehs and then they go back on the bus and soon after a lady notices she lost one of her kids and so vash and wolfwood jump out of the bus (and wolfwood forgot his cross punisher) and there both like "what are you doing here?" and so then vash lends him a knife to use ^^; *skips a lot of it* and then they face those spider things and wolfwood wanted to know how vash killed the two on the ground and the one by him and so at the end wolfwood hits on milly XD

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Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Murder Machine. Written by pare
In this episode Milly, Meryle, and Vash are on a bus and they meet Nicholas D. Wolfwood.(This is the very first time Wolfwood appears in Trigun). He is a priest from some church and the bus picks him up. He seems like a nice guy; he gives some food to these little kids that were on the bus and appearently he is realy nice to kids all through out the series.(Forgive me I\'m a new Trigun fan so I don\'t exactly have all details yet but other websites do so look on those or even this one it might help ya a little). The bus is attacked by some robot things and they kidnap the girl that Wolfwood gave some food to. So then this thing turns into a rescue opperation. While in this underground base type thing, one of them has to soot the robot thingand the other one has to run and look for the kid. Vash tells Wolfwood to shoot, he kinda hesitates at first but he gets over it. Now Wolfwood claims he has never fired a gun before but when he shoots he has procise aim. So they rescue the girl. By the way if this is the only episode you have seen or somme thing then i belive in the next episode you\'ll find out what that giant cross is about.

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Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Murder Machine. Written by KrystalTokyo
Well in this episode, Vash, Meryl, and Milly are on board a bus that came directly from the steam ship thingy. On their way to the nearest town, Vash spots a man in the middle of the desert with a large cross on his back, he appears to be dead... Of course, the bus pulls over and checks on the guy, he isn\'t dead, in fact he is quite the opposite, he is a man full of energy and laughter. His name? Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a man of the cloth. From there, trouble starts... first of all, a group of expired robots/androids start attacking the bus, and a little girl was left behind... Vash and Wolfwood come to the rescue!! The child is saved, but Vash and Wolfwood are sucked into quick-sand that actually is an entry to the robots\' territory. Vash and Wolfwood fight off the robots?androids, and the two nearly die.. Wolfwood is out of bullets, and Vash is surprise attacked by one of the beasts. Thankfully, Vash\'s Mechanical Arm rescued them both. For the record, Wolfwood had no clue what happened. In the end, all is safe; Vasha dn Wolfwood are on the bus, and Wolfwood falls asleep on Milly\'s shoulder. aww, how cute!

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Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Murder Machine. Written by Koneko-chan
vash,milly,and myrel r trveling in a bus 2 get to mai (may) city since the destruction of the sand steamer when vash c\'s somthin glemin in the sun (its wolfwood ) the bus stop\'s 4 him and while stopped somthin hurts this guy turns out to b alien machines from a ship that crashed their year\'s ago they run to the bus get on and a woman notices her child\'s missin so vash and wolfwood hop out of the bus and go do their heroics and fight the bad dude\'s then milly and myrel show up and get vash and wolfwood out of the ship after smashin them that was funny ok next thing u no their on the bus wolfwood flurts with milly and they fall asleep 2gather myrel sits next to vash then their in may city they exit the bus wolfwood gets his crusific\'s / way cool big ass gun ?lol and then vash says and their gose wolfwood and he start\'s a fuss with myrel to get his money back:the end

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Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Murder Machine. Written by Kikaidersukz
This is the episode when Nicholas Wolfwood, the priest, finally shows up. It starts off with Vash and the insurance company girls (along with some survivors of the sand steamer) riding in a bus-like vehicle that is taking them to a nearby town. Vash spots a shiny object in the desert and the people find out that its Nick (his motor cycle broke down). After Nick\'s timely rescue he and Vash start talking, and it turns out that they have a lot in common (they even share some of Vash\'s hilarious facial expressions). When the bus stops for a breather it comes under attack by some quadrupedal killing machines of alien origin. The survivors barely manage to escape with their lives, but it turns out that a little girl whom Nick had befriended was left behind. Vash and Nick go off to rescue her and they soon land up inside an alien spaceship that had crashed on Gunsmoke hundreds of years ago. Nick covers Vash with the silver .45 while Vash wipes out the rest of the bots with his left arm machine gun. Vash manages to shut off the space ship\'s automated production facility while Meryl and Milly work out a timely rescue. After that ordeal, Nick and Milly sit together on the ride home while Vash and Meryl talk.

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