Trigun Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

FAQ Question
Did Vash ever kill anyone?
How many episode is Trigun?
How many members are in Gung-Ho Guns?
How old is Vash?
Is it true that Vash has a brother?
The black and silver gun?
Trigun was originally made under which studio?
Vash. Vs. Spike
What does the promotion for TRIGUN say?
What exactly does TRIGUN stand for?
What exactly is Vash?
What happened to Vash\'s left arm?
What happens in the end? (BIG SPOILER)
What\'s the relationship between Wolfwood and Milly?
When does the black cat appear in each episode?
When was Trigun released?
Which main character died?
Who created Trigun?
Who directed the making of Trigun?
Who published Trigun in America?
Who\'s the black haired woman in Vash\'s dreams?
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