Trigun FAQ: What exactly does TRIGUN stand for?

Question:What exactly does TRIGUN stand for?

Answer:Well, the answer is quite simple actually. Although the name\'s Japanese, Trigun means tri - gun, in other words, three guns. I guess the most mystifying part of this name, is the question that raises in most fans mind when they watch trigun: what are the three guns referred to?

Well, the three guns refer to the three guns on the main character: Vash.

Vash has a silver gun that he carries with him all the time, he also another hidden gun on his left arm, actually, his left arm IS a mechanical gun, but he rarely use it, so it\'s not well known to his enemies. The last gun, is perhaps, the most secret one, that is the ANGEL ARM. Vash\'s right arm is a natural gun named the ANGEL ARM, it has incredible destruction power and has said to have destroyed an entire city once. We see Vash use his ANGEL ARM in the very last episode as well as in Vash\'s memory recalls.

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