Trigun FAQ: When does the black cat appear in each episode?

Question:When does the black cat appear in each episode?

Answer:Below\'s a listing of Kuroneko (cat\'s name) \'s appearance in each episode:

  • Episode 01: Sitting atop a table when Milly and Meryl enter.
  • Episode 02: On a leash.
  • Episode 03: Right outside the mayor\'s office.
  • Episode 04: Jumps out from behind a bar after gunfire.
  • Episode 05: On an elderly woman\'s lap.
  • Episode 06: In a garbage bin that Milly examines.
  • Episode 07: On a calendar.
  • Episode 08: Sitting with Vash on the sand steamer.
  • Episode 09: Discovered by Wolfwood inside of a bag.
  • Episode 10: Meowing loudly outside the hotel.
  • Episode 11: Stops Wolfwood from cheating at chess.
  • Episode 12: Nearby when Vash is playing dodgeball.
  • Episode 13: Inside a garbage bin.
  • Episode 14: On top of a mailbox.
  • Episode 16: Falls on Vash\'s head.
  • Episode 17: Aboard the SEELS ship.
  • Episode 18: On Lina\'s grandmother\'s lap.
  • Episode 19: Takes Vash\'s seat in a restaurant.
  • Episode 20: Seen after a door is opened.
  • Episode 21: Clinging to a pole amidst a typhoon.
  • Episode 22: Thrown at Wolfwood by the orphans.
  • Episode 23: In Wolfwood\'s flashback.
  • Episode 24: On the donut counter.
  • Episode 25: Claws Vash\'s hand.
  • Episode 26: Floating in a fountain.

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