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Trigun World Fanart Contest? - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-11-02
There is a new poll out, pertinent to Trigun World itself. We want to know:
Do you want Trigun World to hold a monthly fanart contest?
There was one in the past, held by the last admin of Trigun World. Though it hasn't been supported in recent months, I thought we should restart it, to see how promising some new artists out there are. Do we have any takers? Post your choice below, in the new poll!
Trigun World is for the fans, so it's all up to YOU!!!

Addendum to the previous announcement - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-09-23
As you know, I am human, therefore prone to errors. Knives-sama would surely dispose of me had he found out about this website. *cringes*

Anyway, here are the following changes that I shouldn't have overlooked in the announcement beneath this one:
1. Volume 0 should read Volume 9
2. the word that;s should read that's
(Sorry, I'm picky about my grammar).
3. The word associated should read associates.
Thank you for your understanding, lest my mind fall apart from too many misspellings.

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