PRODUCT: Trigun Necklace or Keychain

Product Type:Miscellaneous

Product Description:

This is a Trigun The Planet Gunsmoke Necklace and Key Ring. "We are all like raindrops falling from the sky, eventually landing on this star and drying up from the sun. Even if protected by a huge umbrella, we never know what tomorrow may bring. Someday we will be blown away by the wind and absorber into the sandy earth." The neclace has a dirty metallic finish and features the Trigun cross, linked chain that measures 24", and clasping enclosure. The Trigun Keychain is in the shape of the Trigun Revolver highly detailed down to the inscribed words, "EF auto Ejecting Double Action" upon the side of the revolver. This is a great Trigun Collector's item.

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