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Spoilers about: Millie and Nicholas: An easy true at last!

Spoiler Involves:Millie and Nicholas: An easy true at last!

Spoiler Details:Yes, i know, it has been confusing before, but i have the answer. In an episode, millie and nicholas team up to safe a dancing girl, and the only way to do that is to PRETEND millie is pregnant with nicholas' child (which she is NOT!). Later in the series, nicholas and millie have a moment and spend the night together, and then the next day nicholas is killed and millie is very VERY sad. I don't think they slept together, but that is for Yashiro Nightow** to know and us to find out, eh? (although, nicholas did seem pretty desperate when he asked millie to stay wiht him, so it is likely the did ingage in *ahem* "adult" situations. ** Yashiro Nightow is the creator of the Trigun series. very funny guy. You should buy the manga, its good.

Submitted by The_Librarian

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