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Spoiler Involves:Legato/Vash

Spoiler Details:I hate to disagree with what seems to be a select few, but Legato did not force Vash's hands in Episode 24. Legato clearly states the Vash has free will. We see Legato's concentration set on steadying the gun, but not on the shot. Legato controls the mob. Legato offers Vash survival, first at the expense of the mob members' lives. Then, bringing in Merryl and Milly, the choice is for their survival. Vash could have chosen to not kill Legato, though he did not and this would not be the most likely option either. He had the freedom of choice, he chose in favor of death to save two very dear friends of his, perfectly understandable for one who lost one just the episode before. So to all of you who disagree, I hate to say it myself but Vash isn't innocent, his hands are stained, and by his own choice.

Submitted by A Grigorii (Watcher)

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