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Spoiler Details:Can we really call someone like Knives a "psycho"? He is not human, he is a plant/human hybrid. Can we expect him to think as we do? He sees humans as a parasite, an imperfect form, an ignorant species blindly calling themselves "wise". Now I'm sure I may be seen as crazy for defending him, but consider his thought processes: he only wishes to see his preferred side (plants) to survive, to do so, humans had to be eliminated. Let's face it, he said the argument when he was a child to Vash. To save the butterfly, you have to kill the spider. In Knives eyes, humanity is the spider, the rest of nature is but a butterfly. Kill the spider, save the butterfly. Is he mad? Yes. Is he crazy? No.

Submitted by The Grigorii (Watcher)

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