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Spoilers about: Wolfwood and Milly

Spoiler Involves:Wolfwood and Milly

Spoiler Details:Well, we all know that Milly and Wolfwood were in love, and that Milly spent the night at Wolfwood\'s one in episode 23 same one were Wolfwood dies. But did you know that Milly is pregnant with Wolfwood\'s child. I bet all of yall who is reading is saying yeah right but read on any way. The evidence goes together well first time we meet Wolfwood while on the bus he tells Milly she is compforble, and in the episode 11 Milly is carrying the dancing girl to safety like a baby and Wolfwood lights up and Milly says those aren\'t good for the baby darling and Wolfwood replays oh yes honey. Still don\'t believe me well how about this the last episode Wolfwood is in 23 Paradise we see Wolfwood kneeling by a cross and about to light up when he thinks of Milly and stops and then he starts to think about paradise and who would be with him now here it is the big evidence if you have the dvd you can put subtitles if you do he says "... I\'ll live with him and the girls, and..." then he makes a pained face and that\'s it. Also when Wolfwood died Milly was crying really loud and first to see after Vash told them and crying the loudest even when we see Merly you still hear Milly. This makes me wonder if when Manga comes out with Trigun in November 1st will Wolfwood\'s child be in it or if there\'s a sequel.

Submitted by Chainer

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