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Spoilers about: Rem Savern&Meryl Strife&Vash

Spoiler Involves:Rem Savern&Meryl Strife&Vash

Spoiler Details:If anyone didn\'t get the picture in eppisode 25 Before some crazy man was about to shoot vash Meryl steps in and says the same speech that Rem does in eppisode:Rem Savern. then when Meryl says that no one has the right to take the life of another blah blah blah vash looks over at meryl and then an image of Rem starts to fade into meryl and onlyto find that they look very much alike.Thus Meryl Strife is the Reincarnation of Rem Savern. Very Surpising Right! Later realizing this gives Meryl a big hug. And all of us knowing she like it.Shoot I\'d Like it if vash Hugged me too.

Submitted by Strawberry

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