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Spoilers about: Woolfwood/Milly

Spoiler Involves:Woolfwood/Milly

Spoiler Details:Yes they slept together but we don\'t know for sure Milly is holding woolfy boys child....right befor nick passes away he sees Milly and Millys saying shes pregnet::this is a vison woolfy boy sees:: But its an old vision from when Milly was hidding the dancer in episode...14 i think?? Well anyway you know this because in woolfys vison Millys wearing her cloths and its sunny!! But Millys still in her pajamas! So you know its not from that night or the next day because if she told him that she was REALLY pregnet in real life she would have bben wearing PJS and be inside! I know its confusing but its true!

Submitted by Vashies-Girl

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