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Spoilers about: Is Legato really dead?

Spoiler Involves:Is Legato really dead?

Spoiler Details:This is a question where most would say "DUH!" but, here\'s the trick. One, when Vash is forced to kill Legato in an episode I don\'t rember, Legato is shot point blank in the head by Vash\'s gun. The distance was about two inches away! But when we see the "DEAD" Legato, he still has a head and no bullet hole, NOT EVEN MUCH BLOOD!! Come on VASH has more than that on a daily basis! Two, also, we see a little almost chibi version of Legato talk to Knives after he is already dead and all it does is walk away. If it really is a version or hologram of Legato it would die when he did RIGHT? Three, Vash was shot by that same type of gun by Knives in July at a distance of, what, ten feet or so? What happened to him huh...HE LOST AN ARM!!!

Submitted by Demon Llama

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