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Spoiler Involves:Vash\Knives

Spoiler Details:AS you know whenever a Member of the Gun-Ho-Guns talk to Knives you never see Knives face, but you only see a Blue Tube With a body in it, Well Thats Knives, As shown in Eps. 26, Beneath This Sky So Blue, Vash Shot Knives twice, The first time was after Knives gave Vash his gun, the Silver Colt 45. Vash Shot Knives and then took both guns, then years latter After Vash Finds Rem\'s last living relative, he goes to see him only to find Knives and the dead relative of Rem\'s, Vash begins to use the guns but Knives blows his Left arm off and then he transforms Vash\'s Gun into an Angel Arm, as the gun prepares to fire, Vash points the Angel Arm at Knives, then Knives says: Are you really gonna shoot me, are you really gonna shoot me again?" and with that Vash fires his Angel Arm and destroys the city Both Vash and Knives were in, and Nearly Killed Knives. Thus from that point on when one of the gun-ho-gun, namely LEGATO, talks to his master Knives, you see him talkin to a tube.

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