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Spoilers about: millions knives

Spoiler Involves:millions knives

Spoiler Details:ok, lemme just get this through everybody\'s head: VASH DID NOT KILL KNIVES!!!!! duh! he shot him in the shoulders and thighs, which takes away his ability to use his arms or legs. therefore, he did not KILL knives, he just made him IMMOBILE. he just couldnt move! I mean, c\'mon! would vash- this is VASH here, our favorite dorky happy life loving hero- really kill his own brother? especially after rem\'s request to "take care of knives". sure, vash says that hes gonna follow his own advice, but that doesnt mean hes just gonna throw everything- especially a last request- down the toilet! in case u didnt notice, after knives was defeated (not killed) he tried to help him heal. next time, wath the episode juat a LITTLE more closely k?

Submitted by The Biz

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