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Spoilers about: vashs stats

Spoiler Involves:vashs stats

Spoiler Details:hight 6foot 8inches

shoe size 15 men

number of bulets per episode up to 797 yellowish glasses zig zag ear strech hair blond duh... part machin part human machin in the right shooting arm standerd pisol or custem revolver extrem blaster what type i think nova due to the hole in the 5th moon and the distruction of july 138 years to 10 years ago age 150 like the episode when it shows how vash knives and all peopl got there at the end it says that vash was 138 years older and at the bgining they said that he was 12 and 5foot shoe 8 men i wish i could remember the song on the first selestral evening... then i for get but the the song he sings i will allways sing and i do this all the time becuse i am an insombeac means i get no sleep and no i do not have to go to a clinic if i dont want to no back to vash

Submitted by vash

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