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Spoilers about: vash and legato

Spoiler Involves:vash and legato

Spoiler Details:in episode 17 sin when vash faced off with legato....Legato forced vash to shoot him!! he gave him no choice!! legato kept controling the people and making them shoot vash and milli and the other girl so he had no choice!!! as he was doing it he thought of rem and everyone else and a tear came down and he pulled the trigger!!! to me legato thinking to knives afterwards had nothing to do with him still being alive!! he was probubly thinking it just before vash shot him!! cause knives wanted vash to suffer and forcing him to kill someone would make vash think he was just like him!! so my comclution is legato is definently dead!!also he asked vash to send him to the nothingness so he wanted to die just to make vash suffer got it!!

Submitted by jayme jacobson

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