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Spoilers about: Vash the Stampede

Spoiler Involves:Vash the Stampede

Spoiler Details:Vash is an innocent and kind guy who thinks the world is made by "love and peace". Hes 113 yrs old (whoa) because he was a "plant" or a creature that is more supreme than the normal human. He has a a machine gun on his left arm and a "angel arm" on his right.(Thanks to his twin brother knives)His bounty on his head is $$60 billion double dollars and he is also called the Humanid Typhoon so most people or gunsmans avoid him for all the destruction he cause but other advanced bounty hunters or bountys heads try to get Vash\'s bounty. Hes always followed by Milli and Meyle who are inusurance girls doing bisnuess and had a priest for a friend named Nichloas D. Wolfwood.

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