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Spoilers about: Wolfwood/Milly

Spoiler Involves:Wolfwood/Milly

Spoiler Details:Yarg people come on cant you think! ok heres the deal, I've been readin your spoilers about the whole wolfwood milly pregnant thing. Ok yes milly and wolfwood slept together, is she pregnant? i doubt it.Have you ever thought that wolfwood could be imagining it or wishing that it would happen? In fact he wouldnt know if milly was pregnant after all because 1. they slept together the night before he died, 2.She most likely wouldnt know that fast and also he left before they could even discuss somethin like that. Maybe he was wishing that he could be the father of her child and they could live happily ever after and so on. Reason why milly was crying so badly? She just slept with him and prolly realized That she was in love with him or something like that and he happened to die right after.Or maybe he was just delirous or however you spell it.Gack!!!!!

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