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Spoilers about: Rem and Vash

Spoiler Involves:Rem and Vash

Spoiler Details:Ok Rem was like the nice person on the ship. There was one jackass who beat knives and now knives is crazy and wants to kill humans for that. Rem and Vash had a nice friend ship, he even told her he loved her after she told him about the story of her dead love. knives gose crazy and kills people on the the ship and framing other people then they would get killed, then he kills the pilote and dose somethin to mess up the other ships and they were like heading the wrong way. knives told them it was ok and said to just go in the pods (so rem would thik the pilote was ok and everything would be fine and she wouldnt screw up his plan) Rem didnt wont to go in the pod without her friend with was the pilot her requist was "take car of knives". Knives starts laffing ing the pod about how all humans would die but Rem reprogramed it and saved every one. Vash starts crying about Rem and tyed to punch and beat knifes but gets thrown down. Knifes get mad and calls Rem a bitch and told Vash he didnt kill Rem because he knew Vash liked her somuch,(at least he cared about somethin) but then went crazy again.

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