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Spoilers about: Wolfwood and Milly

Spoiler Involves:Wolfwood and Milly

Spoiler Details:In one episode Milly stays the night at Wolfwood\'s , and this is the same episode were Wolfwood dies. But I there relationship goes father than what you heard Milly is pregant with Wolfwood\'s kid if you read the subtitles when Wolfwood is kneeling at the chapple he is thinking of paradise he says I can live happy with Vash, Merly, Milly, and.... but then he stops makes a pained face. And in the same episode Merly goes into Wolfwood\'s room and sees Milly, all Milly sayed is he told me to stay here, and when they heard that he died Milly cried the loudest even when they showed Merly she cried but you could still hear Milly. Maybe if theres a nother Trigun Wolfwood\'s child will be in it. If you whant to know more go to

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